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   Chapter 2034 Grand World Technique

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Nathan could kill his opponent with a single Law Spear Strike only when, he saw directly through his opponent's flaw.

This was because he had to employ the Law Spear Strike at the very moment he discovered the flaw. If he were to see his opponent's flaw, but not use the Law Spear Strike to attack, the spear strike would then become of ordinary strength, displaying only very little power.

Maha had speculated that Nathan's Truth Godly Way was useless, so he simply allowed Nathan's spear to pierce through his chest!

As the spear pierced through Maha's body, a burst of fervent cheers sounded throughout the Iron Moon City.

Before Zen had appeared, Nathan had been the most famous Godly Genius of the younger generation. Everyone thought that his Truth Godly Way and Law Spear Strike were magical and formidable.

A few people said that once one cultivated the Law Spear Strike to a certain level, they could even see through the flaws of the entire universe. If they thrust the spear into the universe, the entire universe would collapse.

And, in many ways, that wasn't wrong. The universe created by the Holy Being was not perfect, and it also had its flaws. However, in order to cultivate the Truth Godly Way to such a very high level and destroy the universe with a single spear strike, one had to reach the cultivation level of Holy Being.

It was due to the various legends that caused Nathan to be the number one Godly Genius. It was only after Zen used the Magnetic Sacred Mountain to break the Law Spear Strike and heavily beat Nathan that Zen took his place and became the number one Godly Genius instead.

Elsewhere, within the Dead Water World, something was also going simultaneously.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin began to speak anxiously, "He has failed! Supreme Lord Healum, pull him back!"

Sending Nathan over was originally a risky move and the Supreme Lords had already planned this possibility out.

Supreme Lord Healum reached out and gently turned his hand, causing streams of Space Law power to spread from his body. The brilliant white light that formed by the Space Law extended to an immeasurable distance. Aside from Nathan, several grand world lords of the human race had also been sent to other supreme worlds to slaughter the Sacred martial artists.

That was when Supreme Lord Healum attempted to pull Nathan back from the Sunflower Water World!

This Heavenly Destiny could not be considered powerful, but when cooperating with other people, it was extremely effective. It was capable of projecting anyone into any place, and then pulling them back at any time.

However, Supreme Lord Healum was given quite the surprise as he tried to pull Nathan out. "Oh no, I can't draw him back!" he gasped.

When Supreme Lord of Original Sin heard Supreme Lord Healum speak, he silently closed his eyes, as if he had somehow anticipated this occurrence.

The other Supreme Lords also frowned.

"What exactly i

ionary Universe's momentum. The effect of killing ordinary martial artists is very good. However, it's better to not announce Nathan's death to the universe."

"Why?" Connie asked, as she blinked hard a few times.

"Because something will develop in the opposite direction as it reaches the extreme." Maha smiled. "Anyway, there's probably someone even more anxious than I to announce the result to everyone in the universe."

Maha might also be able to figure out what the human Supreme Lords were thinking of.

If someone like Nathan were to be sacrificed, it would definitely arouse the anger of the entire universe. It would even be able to greatly reverse the universe's momentum. Maha had obviously predicted this situation.

However, he wouldn't let Nathan off the hook just because of that, as it would only be counterproductive. Even if the universe's 'momentum' was greatly strengthened by Nathan's death, Maha would still have killed a Godly Genius, which was still a good thing for him.

And on top of everything else, this Godly Genius was once the number one Godly Genius of the universe!

Not a sound could be heard coming from the Dead Water World.

The Supreme Lords remained completely silent.

"How did that guy manage?" Supreme Lord Healum questioned. "How did he cut off my Space Lock?" he continued. His face was filled with disbelief.

His Space Lock was the Law of Causality from the Heavenly Destiny, so how could this Law of Causality be so easily cut off by someone?

"There could only be one reason." Wynn's voice was suddenly heard by all of them.

"And what would that be?" Supreme Lord Healum asked.

"Maha cultivates another Godly Way, the Grand World Technique. He cultivates two Godly Ways at the same time, actually. One is the Great Dominance Technique and the other is the Grand World Technique. The area that the light covers is his world, so naturally, he has the ability to sever your Space Lock," Wynn replied.

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