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   Chapter 2033 Debate Over The Godly Ways

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Once he had finished cultivating the Truth Godly Way, Nathan was capable of seeing through the rules concerning the basic laws of this world.

His cultivation didn't allow him to see through it completely. However, as long as he could capture a certain degree of the mysteries within, he'd still have the capacity of noticing any cracks or flaws.

To be more explicit, Nathan would be able to simply glance at an unharmed mountain and see directly through to its weaknesses. By using the Law Spear Strike to hit the mountain's utmost weak spot, the entire mountain would collapse in accordance to his prediction.

From ordinary mortals to Supreme Lords in the universe, they all followed the most basic set of rules. The Truth Godly Way was originally a rule that set other rules in the divine land, and it was also the most popular type of Godly Way. It was, and with reason, the choice of many True Gods!

Up until now, there had only been one thing that Nathan hadn't been able to see through, and that was the product of the fusion of the laws of the five elements. Therefore, Lucille, who cultivated in the Five Elements Godly Way, was his nemesis. More so, because the Five Elements Godly Way was fused together, the rules within were extremely complicated and it was very difficult for Nathan to separate them.

At this moment, however, Maha released a burst of deep purple light, enveloping the area. Nathan hadn't felt the existence of the laws of the five elements, but his Truth Godly Way had lost its effectiveness.

That was when all the lines and dots began to disappear simultaneously, as if they had been covered by some kind of magical power. This was the first time Nathan had encountered such a situation; it was thus only natural for his eyes to reveal a hint of panic.

Maha's embarrassed expression from before had been completely swept away. In this deep purple space, he seemed indifferent and calm. Although the smile on his face was shallow, it equally gave off a very rich sense of ridicule.

"Do you find it interesting, Nathan?" Maha asked. "The truth is that I've always thought the Truth Godly Way is some sort of bullshit. Let alone you and me, even a True God or a Holy Being of the divine land couldn't genuinely control the truth. Yet people in a small world like you think they've found the truth."

Nathan's face slightly darkened at Maha's words.

Maha's voice had not only spread throughout Iron Moon City, but he had also activated a Roaring Token, sending his message into the entire universe.

All of the Supreme Lords in the Evolutionary Universe now had a visible trace of astonishment on their faces. Even the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race had expressions of discomfort that lined their features.

What Maha's words really meant was that even the boundless divine land was only a small world. Moreover, he also looked down upon the Truth Godly Way.

"Damn it. He's going to bluff again!" Supreme Lord Den

at kind of method Maha had used, and was unable to confirm whether or not the Space Lock would truly be capable of pulling him back to Supreme Lord Healum's side. After all, the Space Lock was a typical spatial theurgy, which meant that in his battle with Maha, Nathan might really die.

'I have to go all out, ' Nathan thought.

He was a person who was rather afraid of death, or perhaps it could be said that he was proud and wasn't willing to casually plummet to his death.

Once he sensed that he might really die, he actually calmed down.


As he rushed towards Maha, the light in his eyes became increasingly bright. He had already used the Truth Godly Way to the limit, and under the operation of the Law Spear Strike, the countless blood vessels around his pupils began to rapidly flow with golden blood. The tiny blood vessels couldn't withstand such a surge of fluid, and as they began to rupture one after the other. The golden blood spewed outward, causing his eyes to shine with a golden radiance.

And that was when, within this purple space, he began to see traces of blurry lines and dots. He could also once again see Maha's faintly discernible flaws.

'I wish the lines and dots can be clearer!' he thought.

As he rushed forward, the incomparably powerful long spear once again pierced towards Maha's weak point, as if it were aiming at a prey.

At the last second though, Maha faintly smiled and said, "I've already said that the Truth Godly Way is useless."

As Maha's voice fell, the color of this purple space suddenly changed. The attribute and rules of the space once again changed, and the lines and flaws that Nathan had painstakingly captured instantly vanished leaving no trace behind.


Nathan's spear still pierced Maha's chest!

Maha didn't even try dodging it; in fact, he had even disdained doing so. He forcefully withstood Nathan's spear, his face still smiling as he raised the blade he held in his hand.

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