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   Chapter 2032 The Upper Hand

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Nathan didn't even bother dodging Maha's strike, unsettling the latter.

His slash was already half out—if he wasn't willing to die with his opponent, he needed to pull it back forcefully.

Against a fellow unafraid of death, Maha didn't seem to have any choice.

Suddenly, Maha twisted his body in midair, swinging out the blade in his hand and forcefully slashing the tip of Nathan's spear. After blocking Nathan's strike, he moved to the other side.

In the eyes of the onlookers, the first exchange of moves between the two was to Maha's disadvantage. At the very least, he didn't dare face Nathan head on.

During the past years, all those who dared challenge Maha had died in all sorts of miserable postures.

There had never been a world lord who could gain the upper hand over Maha.

"Haha! Maha seems to be afraid of Nathan."

"Nahan's the true top Godly Genius—he seems even more reliable than Zen!"

"Nathan has never been weak. Losing to Zen was a blip!"

Within the Iron Moon City, the martial artists began boiling with excitement. They had already placed the heavy responsibility of defeating Maha on Nathan.

It was known to the entire universe that the battle within the Sunflower Water World was not merely a duel. Every step here was tied to the fate of the entire Evolutionary Universe and all living beings within it.

All the races of the Evolutionary Universe had already placed their bets on Nathan.

Seeing Maha flee backward, Nathan followed suit without batting so much as an eyelid. The Heaven-piercing Spear in his hand was like a poisonous snake that had left its lair, shooting out an arc into the air, continuing to bite onto Maha's body relentlessly.

The spear was pointed right at Maha's most fatal point. As long as the spear made its mark, Maha would fall to death.

"Go to hell!"

Even Maha felt anger rising within. He was facing a Godly Genius whose strength wasn't too far off. Nathan trained in the most dangerous Truth Godly Way, and he was unafraid of death. Maha couldn't deny that the fact was embarrassing on his part.

With a swipe of the blade, it flew towards Nathan's head.

If Nathan was caught in this blade attack, his entire head and soul would have been caught by Maha's blade.

But just as it went with their first exchange of blows, Nathan had simply turned a blind eye to Maha's spear strike—he simply had no care for his own life. No matter what the outcome, he was going to fight to the death.

"This damn guy! He's not afraid of death in the least."

Gritting his teeth, Maha could only roll the blade in his hand again, deflecting Nathan's long spear once again.

Surrounding the hill, as the two chased each other, a strange scene played out.

Nathan was completely desperate, determined to take Maha's life. But Maha had managed to display a complete counterattack, never submitting to Nathan's spear.

And it was extremely satisfying for the

the Heavenly Sarira to resist Maha's Great Dominance Technique while simultaneously using a desperate method to take Maha by surprise.

If Maha recovered his wits, naturally, he'd have a way to deal with it.

But among the many Supreme Lords, none truly expected Nathan to win.

This time, they had sent Nathan out to slow down the fall of the universe's momentum. Before they sent Nathan to Sunflower Water World, they were completely prepared for it.

Using the Space Lock to lock himself in with Nathan, Supreme Lord Healum threw him into the Sunflower Water World while Supreme Lord Lester waited by his side, preparing to bring Nathan to life if need be.

If Maha truly defeated and killed Nathan, Supreme Lord Healum would instantly pull Nathan's corpse back. By then, even if his soul was destroyed, Supreme Lord Lester's method would still be enough to completely resurrect Nathan using his Law of Causality.

At this moment, the other Supreme Lords naturally paid close attention to Maha's and Nathan's movements in the Sunflower Water World.

Just as the martial artists thought that Maha had used Grand Teleportation to escape, his figure suddenly appeared above Nathan like a ghost in the sky. There was an arrogant smile on his face as he said, "Haha, relying on only the Law Spear Strike to defeat me? How childish to underestimate me!"


With a light wave of his hand, Maha made a deep purple light surge out like a tide, directly overturning the area within ten thousand miles of Iron Moon City.

After the light covered them, the onlookers could only see how everything around them was dyed a deep purple. There wasn't much else of a change and they couldn't tell what Maha's intent was.

But Nathan's eyes were filled with fear and bewilderment. In his eyes, there were all sorts of rules for everything in the world. But after Maha released the deep purple light, it seemed to change the shape of space straight away.

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