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   Chapter 2031 Is He Not Afraid Of Death

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A gale swept across the Iron Moon City as Maha slowly descended from the other side, a lazy expression on his face.

However, the aura of his Great Dominance Technique made him seem like an emperor who descended upon this supreme world, and all living beings had to kneel in front of him.

The last time Maha used the Great Dominance Technique, it had been completely ineffective on Zen. It was because Zen's soul was stronger than Maha's and he also had the Emperor Soul Imprint in his soul, whose aura was more powerful than Maha's Great Dominance Technique.

However, Nathan's soul was a bit weaker than Zen's, which made it harder for him to resist Maha's Great Dominance Technique. It was why his willpower instantly collapsed when Maha shouted "Enough." Even his spear stopped moving.

Maha was waiting here for Zen. He did not expect Nathan to arrive.

Since the human Supreme Lords were willing to use a Godly Genius to test him, he would make this Godly Genius pay with the price of his life.


Meanwhile, Connie took advantage of the moment Nathan was distracted and quickly retreated behind Maha.

Her face was drained of color and her heart hammered erratically in her chest. If Maha hadn't arrived on time, then she would've probably lost her life by now. She realized that in the face of a true powerhouse from the Evolutionary Universe, all the treasures she had that she used to protect her life seemed to be completely useless.

"Alas, what a pity! Maha actually stopped him!"

"Nathan almost killed that woman!"

"It doesn't matter. That woman isn't important in the first place."

At that point, the weaker martial artists in the Iron Moon City trembled with fear as they crawled up from the ground. They couldn't help but shudder at the fact that Maha was able to pressure them to kneel on the ground by force. Some of the stronger martial artists were able to resist the Great Dominance Technique's power, but it was because Maha originally directed it at Nathan. The others had only been affected as well.

On the other hand, Nathan didn't regret that he wasn't able to kill Connie. After all, his target now was Maha. Moreover, he and his seniors had planned meticulously and prepared a path of retreat. Thus, he wasn't afraid of Maha in the slightest.

"The Great Dominance Technique..."

Nathan flashed a small smile and with a wave of his hand, a thin rope appeared around his chest. Dangling from the rope was a pale green stone. The stone emitted a faint glow that enveloped his head.

"Heavenly Sarira?" Maha briefly glanced at the small stone on Nathan's chest and furrowed his brows.

"The Great Dominance Technique should be one of the most useless Godly Ways. Only people without brains would choose it," Nathan said mockingly

de and although it was called a blade, it was actually thinner than most swords. The blade and the hilt were both 6 feet long, and each took up half of its length which was a total of 12 feet long. It was 2.1 feet longer than Nathan's spear, which was 9.9 feet long.

Maha immediately swung his blade down. A dark red blade shadow trailed behind it as he aimed it straight towards Nathan.

He didn't use any techniques, nor was there anything special about it. It was simply an extremely fast blade movement executed in an equally fierce and imposing manner.

The blade Maha wielded was none other than the fourth ranked Fiend Dragon Blade in the Murphy Universe, while the spear in Nathan's hand was the eighth ranked Heaven-piercing Spear on the Universe Spirit Tablet of the Evolutionary Universe. There wasn't much difference between the two weapons in terms of ranking.

As Maha continued to strike, he thought that Nathan would first dodge his attack and then counterattack.

What he did not expect was that Nathan didn't even bother to dodge. Instead, his eyes flashed mischievously and he stabbed with his spear, releasing the Law Spear Strike. He didn't care if Maha would hurt him.

While it was true that Maha could split Nathan into two, he probably wouldn't be able to survive if Nathan pierced him with his spear, either.

'Is he unafraid of death?' Maha thought.

In addition, he also didn't think that Nathan would work so hard.

Nathan felt that he understood Maha, and Maha also understood people like Nathan. People like them had always held themselves to a high regard and viewed their lives as something more important than the heavens. It was to the point where they might not even be willing to sacrifice themselves if the entire universe was destroyed. However, Nathan's move was undoubtedly way out of Maha's imagination.

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