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   Chapter 2030 Stop

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"Yes. That's me."

A satisfied smirk made its way to Nathan's face as he looked at Connie, the spear in his hand trembling slightly.

The war had already escalated to the point where the momentum of the Evolutionary Universe had become stagnant under Maha's oppressive reign.

Not even the many Supreme Lords or Master Feng had any ideas to change the situation. The Sacred race now held an absolute advantage over them. There was no way they could ruin Maha's schemes!

However, the final battle with the Sacred race would commence if the Supreme Lords took action. It was just that the Celestial Position wasn't confident enough to face the indomitable Sacred race.

After a long time of discussion, they finally decided to just send Nathan and hope for the best.

Nathan cultivated the Truth Godly Way and had deeply comprehended it already. If he could kill Maha, it would be enough to help buy some precious time for the Evolutionary Universe.

The soles of Maha's boots scuffed against the rough ground as he left his hill. Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and turned around. "Huh, a group of cunning old fellows want to test my strength…" he said with a cold smile.

Nathan felt Maha's gaze and the tip of the spear, which was originally pointed downwards shook slightly. It gently cut through the air with a soft swoosh followed by a flash of light. After that, the spear was already aimed straight at Maha.

It was just a casual way of provoking. However, Maha felt his chest hurt slightly when the spear was pointed at him!

The right side of Maha's chest was his equivalent of Achilles' heel. His father had been careless back then when he had refined the physical body for him, so his body had such a flaw. He didn't expect that Nathan would be able to see through it at first glance!

"Interesting…" Maha said lowly with narrowed eyes. He immediately became cautious. It seemed that aside from Zen, the other Godly Geniuses weren't bad either. He had underestimated the Godly Geniuses in the Evolutionary Universe before.

However, Maha did not choose to interfere. Since Nathan wanted to challenge Connie, he could observe for a while.

The cheers from the Iron Moon City suddenly became louder. It was during such time when the Sacred martial artists had the upper hand. It didn't matter if they were faced with the humans or the ogres; the other races' attempts to fight the Sacred race had mostly ended in failure.

Those who challenged Maha were all defeated miserably. In any case, trying to do so was like committing suicide.

Therefore, it was understandable that everyone else had now placed their hopes on Nathan.

"Finally, a Godly Genius appeared. What a pleasant surprise." Connie smiled as she slowly floated in the air, her back as straight as a rod.

"Cut the crap and make your move. I don't have much time to waste on you!" Nathan said flatly.

If Nathan did not care, so did Connie. Her lips stretched into a toothy smile and she said, "Haven't I already started?"


As soon as the words died on her mouth, a black bead was quickly shot towards Nathan's face!

Nathan frowned a little, but

ad several vital points when he had used the Truth Godly Way to see through her. Thus, Connie had lost a life when he attacked with his spear.

"So that's how it is," he muttered. Although he didn't know where those Life Sacrificing Beads came from, he still understood that if he wanted to kill this woman, he had to destroy the remaining Life Sacrificing Beads!


He didn't think twice any longer and wielded his spear which he aimed at Connie's calf!


A fine stream of blood gushed out, and he had shattered another Life Sacrificing Bead.

It was known that Connie relied on the Life Sacrificing Beads to keep her alive and protect her from death. Now that Nathan had destroyed two of them in row, she was extremely terrified and immediately decided to go all out to fight for her life.

With gritted teeth, she did a somersault in the air and quickly stretched out her two hands. Then, two sword patterns appeared on her arms.

Connie was just second to Maha in the Murphy Universe. However, she did not cultivate and instead relied entirely on her treasures during battles. She enjoyed a high status in the Sacred race, and thus possessed numerous powerful treasures. Those two sword patterns were her most powerful trump cards!

Nathan could feel the powerful aura from the sword patterns, but he still had no plans to retreat!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A multitude of small unicolor swords spread out from Connie's body. They formed a storm and surrounded Nathan.

At that point, Nathan's eyes glowed intensely like a pair of twinkling stars. Whenever he exerted his full strength, the Law Spear Strike also worked to its limit.


There was nothing else on Nathan's mind now. He only had one goal, and that was to kill Connie first!

Just then, they heard a voice filled with sinister magic.

"Stop! That's enough!"

The loud voice made both Connie and Nathan feel some sort of controlled.

Meanwhile, the lower level warriors from the Iron Moon City almost instinctively felt their legs weaken, and they simultaneously knelt on the ground.

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