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   Chapter 2029 The Man In Black

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Connie laughed lightly as the black beads danced in the air. With her graceful movements and the ribbons on her clothes fluttering behind her, she looked ethereal.

But then, without warning, she charged toward Alvin with her bare hands.


Alvin's eyes widened at Connie's sudden attack. He didn't know what the black beads were but this woman definitely had something up her sleeve, otherwise she wouldn't have charged empty handed. No, he didn't think she was that reckless. He wielded a pair of golden dark axes named Moon Howling Wolf, which was a famous first-rank divine weapon.

Alvin's muscular figure leaped up, and he placed the pair of dark golden axes horizontally in front of him. After he steeled his stance then, like a raging bull, he charged towards Connie.

"I'll smash you to pieces!"

Alvin roared as he threw all of his weight onto his attack. With his hill-like body and explosive strength, the power of this attack was terrifying.

In comparison, Connie was a lady with a delicate body. If she were to collide with Alvin, it was likely that her entire body would be smashed to smithereens! However, Connie only smiled and made no move to dodge.

Meanwhile, the beads that were floating aimlessly in the air began to change their positions and form into a regular pattern.

"That woman is so arrogant! How dare she take Alvin's attack head on?"

"She must have a trick up her sleeve. She wouldn't be so stupid as not to dodge, you know?"

"Hmph! I bet she's just pretending to have some elaborate plan. If Alvin doesn't fall for it, he'd be able to crush that woman into pieces!"

A number of pavilions had appeared on the side of the hill facing the Iron Moon City recently. Warriors from both the human race and the Sacred race gathered inside these pavilions to exchange information and challenge each other.

Hanging around wasn't free though. The warriors who wished to go inside needed to pay quite a lot of life vitality crystals.

They didn't mind though. The warriors that dared to venture into the Sunflower Water World had long since showed little care for money. After all, challenging the Sacred race meant that they could die at any time, and what use would life vitality crystals be if they were dead?

Meanwhile, Alvin's axes flew towards Connie.

However, as they collided with her, the strangest thing happened. Connie's entire body was as light as paper to sustain no forces. Connie had floated past the dual axes as if she was a willow leaf blown away by the wind. She smiled like nothing

physique ripped and flew from his body. Finally, his true appearance was revealed!

It was a young man. Under his perfectly arched brows, his eyes shone like stars. His gait exuded confidence and as he reached out his arm, a long fiery red spear appeared in his hand.

"That's... Nathan!"

"I knew the Godly Geniuses of our human race would show up!"

"That Nathan is only second to Zen and Rocher! Before Zen appeared, he was the first-ranked Godly Genius!"

"When a genius like him grows, it would be beyond our imaginations how strong he would become. His strength had improved tremendously after he became a world lord, and now, he's only going to be more powerful!"

When the Godly Geniuses hadn't showed up, countless warriors in the Evolutionary Universe felt very disappointed.

As the saying went, "a brave martial artist always wins the fiercest competition." Many warriors understood that losing was not a scary thing. What was scary was being afraid before the fight. The successive defeats of the human warriors had greatly affected the morale of the warriors in the Evolutionary Universe.

They didn't expect that the Zen that they had always hoped to come would be no-show. Instead, Nathan was here!

Cheers broke out in the pavilions of the Iron Moon City. Victory was finally on its way! Even some of the heavily drunk martial artists were jolted awake.


The corners of Connie's mouth curled up, her eyes gleaming with interest.

She knew the ten Godly Geniuses very well. In fact, back when Zen had returned from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, she had immediately recognized him.

And from what she knew, this Nathan's origins were not that simple.

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