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   Chapter 2028 Challenges In The Sunflower Water World

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The Sunflower Water World was geographically located in a special place—right on the border between the Humanity Alliance and the Thoughtless Minds.

Moreover, the entire supreme world was covered in pale green water known as "Sunflower Water", which was where it got its name from.

The moment Maha had entered the Sunflower Water World, this supreme world had become the prime focus of attention in the Evolutionary Universe.

Day in and day out, the eyes of all the living creatures in the universe were fixed on this place. Many warriors who were unafraid of death had also sneaked into the Sunflower Water World just to witness the remarkable performances of the talents in the universe with their own eyes.

Of course, there were also a great number of Sacred martial artists among them.

The senior leaders of the Sacred race and the human race seemed to have reached a mutual understanding. The Supreme Lords had begun to lay out their plans around the Sunflower Water World, but they didn't have any intention of entering it. Instead, they would let the warriors battle it out here.

As such, the Sunflower Water World had transformed into a huge battle ring with unwritten rules.

In every battle, once the warriors agreed to challenge each other, no one else was allowed to help them.

And, most importantly, it was a battle to the death.

When the battle was over, the winner could shout loudly with joy and even use the Roaring Token to announce their victory to the whole universe.

As for the martial artists on both sides, they were fighting solely for their honor, because even if they won, they wouldn't receive any reward.

The universe was filled with crazy beings. Some martial artists were born for fighting, and they didn't care that their efforts would go unrewarded. They all wanted to enjoy the thrill of defeating the warriors from an alien race.

There were countless excruciating battles happening every day in the Sunflower Water World.

However, the most entertaining and eye-catching ones were still Maha's.

Ever since Maha had decided to singlehandedly challenge all the talents in the universe, warriors had been losing to him one after the other. The number of grand world lords who had lost to him had crossed 300.

Among them, there were 208 humans and 47 ogres. And even though the Demon Night was trapped in internal strife, there were still many Demon Night warriors who had come to the Sunflower Water World. Maha had defeated 13 of them, as well as over 30 world lords from other races.

Every time Maha killed a world lord, he would announce the name and race of his opponent to the universe through the Roaring Token. Sometimes, he would even comment on his opponent's strength, but the majority of his comments were negative.

In doing so, he effectively sapped the morale of the warriors and reduced the momentum of the universe.

But although Maha had shown great strength and a merciless attitude, there was still a long line of martial artists waiting to challenge him. The universe was facing a crisis, and many martial artists understood that

and walked down the hill. With his back to Alvin, he said, "If you want to fight someone, you can look for other warriors. After all, I'm not the only Godly Genius in the Sacred race. Connie..."

As soon as Maha said her name, a plump and enchanting woman appeared in front of Alvin, blocking his way. With a charming smile on her face, she said, "Before you can challenge Maha, you have to fight me first!"

"Bitch, just get lost!" Alvin retorted, grimacing.

He had no interest in challenging a woman.

His hill-like body suddenly leaped into the air. A pair of dark golden axes began spinning around crazily, shooting out ax shadows that wrapped around his entire body as he violently dashed toward Maha.

At the same time, Maha floated down the hill at a gentle speed as if he hadn't noticed Alvin's attack at all.

"Go to hell! Sky Beam Annihilation Wheel!"

Huff, huff, huff...

Alvin's two great axes rapidly danced in the air and sliced through the wind, creating a vortex. Just as Maha was about to be sucked into that vortex, a black object suddenly shot toward Alvin.


The black object turned out to be a bead that exploded like a bomb, releasing an astonishing burst of power.

Alvin, who was wielding the axes, felt a strong force hitting his right palm, causing his hand to go numb. The vortex he had created immediately disappeared. He turned his head and, to his shock, saw dense black beads floating next to Connie.

The strength of the Sacred woman in front of him was actually far beyond what he had imagined.

"I've already told you that I'm your opponent, not him. Why didn't you listen to me?" Connie said with a smile. As her hands moved, those black beads seemed to come to life, floating up and down around her.

At this moment, the reckless and arrogant expression on Alvin's face completely vanished. This Sacred woman was a worthy opponent after all. Of course, her strength seemed far inferior to Maha's, but Alvin thought that if he couldn't defeat her, then he didn't have the qualifications to challenge Maha at all.

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