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   Chapter 2027 Achieving Immortality

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Leroy had witnessed the most unimaginable things that had ever happened to Zen. For example, Zen experienced that attack from Elena earlier, and then there was the attack from that transparent giant, both of which were extremely powerful. Any Supreme Lord would have been severely injured or worse, dead, if they underwent any of these. However, Zen had miraculously survived all these attacks unscathed.

After a person had worked so many wonders, if that same person claimed that he had some incredible abilities, it would be easy for people to accept him or her.

With expectations deep down, Leroy was as excited as he could be.

"Do it right now, Zen!" Lavender urged from the side.

Hearing this, Zen nodded his head and raised up his hand. Just then, a faint light flashed from his space ring and a long sword fell vertically from it. But before the sword could plummet into the ground, Zen had gripped it in his hand and aimed it directly at Leroy.

"What are you doing?" Lavender asked, surprised.

Leroy fumbled backwards, staring at Zen in bewilderment. He had no clue what Zen had in mind.

"Don't move," said Zen. He held the sword in his right hand, reached out two fingers in his left hand and pressed down along the hilt of the sword. Gradually, he dragged his fingers across the sword.


A misty ray of light began to rise from the surface of the sword. As the ray burst out, it did not emanate a powerful energy as they would have guessed. However, when Leroy and Lavender saw it, they were mesmerized and hooked.

It was as if the light could overpower all the laws of the world.

"Zen, is this what I think it is? The Enemy Repelling Arts you have practiced before?" Lavender asked. In the fairy palace, Lavender had seen Zen practice the Enemy Repelling Arts. However, Zen did not master it at that time. Lavender recalled this misty light and put two and two together.

Zen smiled slightly. He knew he didn't need to hide anything from Lavender, so he explained in all confidence, "It's the Causality Breaking Light that can break all causality! If the Five Aging Processes happens to be a kind of Law of Causality, then this should be enough to break it."

Break all the causality?

Was that even possible?

As Leroy heard Zen's words, he widened his eyes in shock.

Supreme Lords were powerful because each of them controlled a Heavenly Destiny and a Law of Causality. If Zen could really cut off a Heavenly Destiny, then he would be the biggest enemy to the Supreme Lords. No Supreme Lord would be able to win over him.

Once Zen finished speaking, he shook his sword once again. The Causality Breaking Light of the sword burst

ace sooner or later, which made it a fair rule.

However, after Leroy's Five Aging Processes were removed by Zen, did that mean that they wouldn't happen to him anymore? Did that mean Leroy just garnered eternal life?

Zen furrowed his eyebrows in thought. Then, he pondered for a moment and said with a smile, "That seems right. If the Five Aging Processes do not come to you, Supreme Lord, you possess the same ability as a True God... to be immortal!"

The pursuit of immortality was a topic that would never lose its novelty. Only after one entered divine land and became a True God could they get the chance of living forever. There was no creature in the Evolutionary Universe that had ever achieved immortality.

Just like Livingston for instance, who had to use the puppet to pursue immortality. However, the puppet body could not be defined as a living being.

"Right now the entire universe is in danger," said Lavender with a smile. "First we have to defeat the Sacred race. Forget about immortality, whether or not we can survive this thousand years will be the main problem."

Overall, the war with the Sacred race was the major problem faced by all the races in the Evolutionary Universe.

"Yes." Zen nodded. "Maha has been rampant in the Sunflower Water World for a while now. Let's get prepared. The war is coming."

For days, Maha had been fighting alone in the Sunflower Water World against the other geniuses of the Evolutionary Universe. With the battles, he was suppressing the momentum of the Evolutionary Universe, so the morale of the universe had been declining. All of these put the Celestial Position at a disadvantage.

After settling the internal strife of the Demon Night, Zen knew that the time for the showdown with the Sacred race was coming.

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