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   Chapter 2026 Eliminate The Five Aging Processes

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Due to the battle between Mike's and Murphy's energy souls, the Rosy Cloud World was on the verge of collapse.

Although the Upper World and the Lower World possessed the ability to repair themselves, the process was extremely long. Due to the severe damage caused by the battle, it was likely that the Rosy Cloud World would disintegrate.

Right now, the priority of the tenth grade sacred places in the Rosy Cloud World was to transfer their members to somewhere safe and then think of measures to stabilize the world.

The entire responsibility of restoring the Rosy Cloud World fell on Latonia's shoulders.

During this period of time, she had dispersed countless seeds of holy trees in the world. These gigantic plants could expand indefinitely. Once they were firmly rooted into the ground, they would intertwine and pull each other to close the huge crevices. Thus the world would be restored and stabilized.

However, this was not the result of a single day's effort. It needed a long time to heal the wounds of the world.

Finally, the peace of the Demon Night race was restored. Out of the statues of queens in the race's sacred places, two had been smothered once and for all. The members of the race knew very well that from now on, they would only have one queen.

In addition, Lavender had also pardoned the members of the Saint Chain Sect.

Elena was the reason behind all sins. After all, the six sects of the Demon Night race instinctively supported their queens.

Lavender's pardon had relieved those Demon Night clansmen who followed Elena, though they clearly knew that with Elena's death, it would be very difficult for them to obtain Lavender's trust, and it was unlikely that they would be placed in important positions any more. However, since they weren't killed in the chaos and also received their freedom, they were deeply grateful to Lavender.

Although Lavender wasn't a kind-hearted person, she understood that the Demon Night race had already suffered enough after such a serious internal conflict. They really couldn't afford any more disorder.

Lavender and Zen were lying in a hammock made from the branches that swayed gently in the breeze. She bent her knees and curled up into a ball as much as possible to fit in Zen's arms.

Over the last few years, she had spent most of her time inside Zen's body, treating his body as her home. Now that she had used Latonia's spirit embryo to regain her original looks, she couldn't possibly stay any longer inside Zen's body.

Zen gently caressed her silky skin and asked, "Have the people from the Saint Spear Sect been rescued?"

He hadn't forgotten the agreement he made on the Illusion Battlefield. He wanted to save not only Amber, but also Hailey from the Demon Nigh

ir Heavenly Destiny and use it to its fullest. Once they carried the Heavenly Destiny, they wouldn't be able to become Godly Geniuses, nor would they be able to obtain the Godly Tile.

He didn't cultivate in seclusion there. It would be more accurate to say that he was hiding here.

When Zen and Lavender entered, they could sense a foul stench.

Leroy was a handsome man when he was young. Now, he didn't want anyone to see his ugly looks.

"Who is trespassing? Back off!" Leroy shouted angrily.

"It's me," Lavender answered back.

Leroy frowned, but he still paid his due respect. "My queen, what brings you here? It's intolerably dirty here. You shouldn't have come."

Lavender's eyes narrowed. "Stop that. I came precisely for this reason."

"What reason? I don't follow you." Leroy was confused.

"We'll try to help you eliminate the Five Aging Processes." Lavender smiled.

"What?" Upon hearing these words, Leroy rolled his yellow eyes. "My queen, are you trying to make fun of me?"

It wasn't that Leroy was too arbitrary, but he had never heard that the Five Aging Processes could be eliminated. If there really was a way to get rid of it, no one would tremble with fear on hearing of it.

Moreover, if one could really eliminate the Five Aging Processes, he or she would never die. Before becoming a True God, this was obviously impossible.

"That's why I will only give it a try, but I have confidence in it," Zen said.

Upon hearing Zen's words, Leroy felt his heart skip a beat. He had personally seen what Zen's father did. As the master who constructed the universe, his father had set all the rules in the Evolutionary Universe. Thinking of this, Leroy thought there was really a possibility.

Leroy seemed to have grasped onto a lifesaving straw. His dull eyes were instantly ignited with passion.

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