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   Chapter 2025 Tree Palace

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Mike looked at his son, his love clearly evident in his eyes.

In the end, Zen only saw Mike's lips move slightly. He wasn't able to decipher what his father had said before Mike's soul slowly dissipated.

The brown chaotic sea was churning slowly. From time to time, a few large ferocious beasts would poke their heads out of the water's surface to sneak a glance at Zen. After they felt his aura, they immediately dove back into the depths of the sea, frightened...

Zen stood still for a long time, his gaze fixed on the direction in which his father had disappeared.

Twenty years had passed since he last saw his father. For Mike, twenty years was only a split-second; for Zen, it was already two-thirds of his life.

In that period of time, he had grown from a teenager boy to a youth. His vision and strength had also increased exponentially. He hoped his father was proud of how strong he had become.

"We will meet again someday soon…" Zen smiled at the place where Mike had stood earlier. He seemed to be saying this to Mike, but at the same time, it also served as an encouragement for himself.

He turned and then flew towards the central continent of his inner world...


As Zen traveled at supersonic speed, the water in the chaotic sea below him began to swirl. A whirlpool formed first before it turned into a tornado and condensed in his hand!

The chaotic energy within the entire inner world was controlled by Zen. He had the ability to change the form and shape of the chaotic energy with just a single thought...

The sea water continuously morphed in Zen's hands; it quickly formed into enormous stone tablets that he held aloft in front of him.

Zen extended his finger and pointed it at the tablets. He drew symbols in the air with his fingertip, and it formed inscriptions of laws. At the same time, the tablets also shimmered with a faint golden light!


After he finished working on the first stone tablet, countless tendrils of lightning began to revolve within it. This stone tablet recorded the power of Thunder Law that Zen had already comprehended!

As for the second stone tablet, its surface radiated golden rays of light. Those rays of light began to emit streams of energy. This tablet was imbued with the power of the Metal Law...

A third stone tablet soon followed...

One by one, Law Tablets appeared and surrounded Zen

When Zen had entered the central continent, he tossed a Law Tablet gently from beside him. It fell down onto the ground...


The Law Tablet landed hard and was partly embedded into the ground!

Zen didn't pause on his way. He flew continuously over the continent, tossing stone tablets one after another down into the continent.

On that day, the citizens of the central continent thought they saw the Venerable Creator descend from the sky. He bestowed them sixteen "divine tablets" to help awaken the hidden powers of th

idair and then completely wrapped them up…

At the other end of the colossal tree palace, Latonia sat on a tree trunk at the summit. Her elegant legs gently swung back and forth under her jade-green dress, a stream of Life Law continuously fluctuated in her hands. She curled her lips helplessly. "How could they do that in such broad daylight?"

Latonia built this palace using the Life Law. Naturally, she could feel every small movement within this palace. She also personally controlled the moving vines and branches.


A gargantuan creature suddenly reared its head and sped straight in her direction. However, just as the tip of the creature's nose was only a foot away from Latonia, it steadily came to a halt!

"Roar... Roar... Roar..."

This colossal creature was actually the Ancestral Dragon. At this moment, it was roaring at Latonia, seemingly complaining.

"Alright, alright, I understand…"

Latonia waved her hand at the direction of the Ancestral Dragon. She touched her slender fingers on the tree trunk and countless strange flowers and fruits materialized from the side of the huge tree. They emitted a sweet, rich smell.

After she mastered the perfect Life Law, Latonia had the ability to create things. This ability did not only enable her to create things that she had seen before, she was also able to create things that existed in her imagination.

As she imagined them, these strange flowers and fruits were the perfect food. The food was used to feed this gluttonous Ancestral Dragon.

"Aren't the Genuine Dragon race exceptionally intelligent? It's been so long, but it hasn't even learned human language yet. What a stupid and gluttonous dragon!" Latonia said in a low voice.

The Ancestral Dragon was opening its mouth wide to swallow the sweet fruits. Hearing these words, it seemed to be strongly dissatisfied. Its mouth began to produce strange sounds, as if it was protesting against Latonia's comment…

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