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   Chapter 2024 Mike's Disappearance

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Soon after Zen became a world lord, his inner world formed its true boundaries.

The boundaries of an ordinary world lord were covered by transparent barriers that were similar to the boundaries of a great world. However, Zen's inner world stood apart from others.

On the boundaries inside Zen's inner world, enormous golden Sanskrit words hovered in the air.

With Zen's current knowledge and experience, he was unable to decipher the meaning of the golden Sanskrit words. He was very curious about the origin of the golden Sanskrit words.

Mike wanted to guide him in the creation of his divine land. Hence, Zen brought his father to this place.

Mike and Zen were floating above the endless chaotic sea.

Although Mike was just an energy soul, its power was far beyond that of an ordinary Supreme Lord. More so, it was enough to even rival a True God's. Although he was still far away, he could clearly see the golden Sanskrit words.

When he saw what was happening in front of him, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

"This is unbelievable! Never thought I would be seeing these words in your inner world! These are definitely their words!"

Mike was referring to the extraordinary creatures.

Long ago, a group of exemplary individuals of the divine land had discovered the existence of these creatures.

These people never stopped studying these extraordinary creatures. But after all these divine eras of research, nobody could understand their origin. Everything of them still remained a mystery, such as their appearance, gender, composition etc.

They seemed to be above the knowledge of the True Gods and Holy Beings.

There were still quite a few living creatures in the divine land who continued to be interested in them. They seized every opportunity to conduct a thorough research on them.

Among these researchers were Holy Jay and Holy Bromley.

For example, Xenia's page of golden Sanskrit words and the golden Sanskrit words on Zen's body were the outcome of their researches.

And the effect was quite surprising!

Zen had reformed his body by using the golden Sanskrit words. His body was by now far stronger than any living being. It was only because of this strength that he could withstand the chaotic energy of his inner world and practice the Primal Chaos Technique.

"Father, why would these golden Sanskrit words appear at the edges of my inner world?" Zen enquired.

Mike stared at the golden Sanskrit words, while remaining afloat. He ignored Zen's question and flew along the edges of his inner world, while constantly looking over the golden Sanskrit words.

His speed was exceptionally fast, but as the creator of this inner world, Zen didn't need to circulate the Space Law. With just a thought, he could appear anywhere.

As Mike flew around the edges, Zen's figure continuously flashed behind him.

Currently, Zen's inner world could not be considered wide. It was about the size of four great worlds.


was, after all, a Holy Being who had built the universe. His experience in this aspect could be said to be shocking. He was pleasantly surprised to see the huge ice tree in Zen's body. "This is the profound mystery of the Ice Cold Flame. You got it from Holy Jay!"

Mike then taught Zen the keys to build one's inner world.

One of them was that Zen should create Law Tablets and record the laws that he had comprehended onto the tablets. Then he should give them to the creatures in his inner world and guide them on how to become stronger. Ideally, Zen should have created a few continents, instead of allowing this one continent to expand indefinitely.

The construction of the universe was very complicated, and as Mike was telling Zen the key points, the latter listened attentively.

While Mike was imparting his knowledge, Zen noticed that the aura emitting from his father was getting weaker by the minute.

This figure was formed from his energy soul. His entire body was becoming more and more transparent in front of Zen, while his voice was becoming weaker.

Only Holy Beings could create their energy souls and descended to the universes through them. Mike had left behind a total of fourteen energy souls, and after the beginning of a new grand era in the Evolutionary Universe, his energy souls would begin to move, seeking opportunities. This energy soul was consumed very quickly, and about ten years ago, it had helped Zen resist the Luck-devouring Snake Tribulation. And not long ago, in order to protect Zen, this energy soul had fought against Murphy's energy soul violently. His energy soul was now like a spent arrow.

"Father?" Zen called out.

Mike looked at Zen with a faint smile and shook his head. "It's about time. This energy soul can only last for so long. This is the only remaining energy soul that I have in this universe. If I can't wake up in the future, I'm afraid I will surely die."

Zen was shocked and shouted, "Father! Father!"

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