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   Chapter 2023 Small Divine Land

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It wasn't long before Mike let out a sigh. Zen's face lit up with a smile as he bowed to Mike and said, "Believe in me, Father!"

His eyes shone with unprecedented confidence, as if he was ready to overcome literally any problem.

Ever since Mike had been a Holy Being himself, he naturally understood all the hardships that came along with it. However, he thought that Zen's enthusiasm was childish--he was like a newborn calf who wanted to fight a grown tiger.

At the same time, Zen's resplendent aura encouraged and comforted him. And so, he decided to concede. "Alright. Now, I'll teach you how to construct your inner world," he said with a nod.

He knew that to let Zen cultivate the 'Primal Chaos Technique' was immensely risky and not to mention, insane.

After all, no one had ever tried to transform their body in such a way before. No one had even attempted to contain the chaos inside their bodies.

Mike and Bromley had previously fought over the matter, and Mike thought that it was unnecessary to take the risk.

Instead, he wanted Zen to focus on the life vitality cultivation. Besides, the life vitality cultivation that was passed down in the divine land was already a very mature system.

Moreover, they were Holy Beings, which meant they had already reached the peak of the life vitality cultivation.

Mike, Bromley, and Jay had given their all to nurture Zen. In turn, Zen felt privileged to receive such a treatment that he thought was hard to come by.

But at that time, Bromley and Mike had completely different opinions.

"Have you ever seen a Holy Being's son become a Holy Being?" Bromley once said.

His words had made Mike speechless.

Countless divine eras had passed, Holy Beings had died, and their universes had been destroyed.

It didn't matter whether it were the existing or dead Holy Beings; a second Holy Being never appeared among their direct descendants.

If Zen wanted to fight against Murphy, he had to aim for becoming a Holy Being. However, Bromley felt that the probability was too low despite Zen's and Yan's extraordinary origins. The road to becoming a Holy Being was not easy.

On the other hand, Mike had low chances of saving himself and enacting his revenge if Zen were to concentrate on the life vitality cultivation.

During that time, Holy Jay was on Bromley's side. Holy Jay was good at deduction, so he already came up with an answer after he had deduced Mike's plan. If Zen cultivated the life vitality step by step, the chances of him creating a miracle were less than one in three hundred thousand.

The chances weren't actually too low. Only one in a hundred trillion or even a quadrillion martial artists had the possibility of becoming a Holy Being. Every Holy Being was the absolute favorite of the divine land. They had endured many hardships and suffering just to get the opportunity to make a place in the Hall of Holy Beings.

Therefore, a one in a three hundred thousand chance was indeed, not low. It was because of Zen's special origins and not to mention, that he had been carefully taught

could their inner worlds and Nine Divine Stars be merged together.

Mike had experienced this and knew how difficult it was to merge the nine stars into one's inner world.

Yet there was Zen, who was just at the world lord level but had already merged the two together. If this had happened in the divine land, many True Gods would probably go crazy; it was simply too unbelievable.

It was true that it was risky to cultivate the Primal Chaos Technique, but now Mike thought that it was a wise idea. He mentally sighed. He couldn't even imagine how much potential his son had.

A moment later, he and Zen glided towards the bottom of the inner world. The aura in the place was completely different from that of the Evolutionary Universe.

While Zen himself wasn't aware of the uniqueness of this aura, Mike clearly knew about it. It was the scent of the divine land.

In reality, the entire divine land was actually formed from chaotic energy. It was just that the living beings in the divine land had to explore other ways of cultivation because they couldn't control chaotic energy. Therefore, they developed the complete system of the life vitality cultivation.

"This place can really be called a small divine land," Mike said as he looked at the world they were in. As he looked further into the inner world Zen had created, he felt that Bromley and Jay had made the right choice. These two crazy old friends of his had suggested a crazy plan, which allowed his son to find a path that no one had ever walked before.

Zen had a certain level of understanding towards the divine land, so he naturally understood Mike's meaning. Suddenly, a thought popped in his head. He bowed towards Mike and said, "Father, something strange happened within my inner world after I stepped into the level of world lord."

"Oh? What's the strange thing?" Mike asked. "Follow me and you will know."

His feet glided smoothly as he led the way, while Mike followed closely behind.

After a few moments, they arrived at the edge of the world they were in.

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