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   Chapter 2022 Zen's Determination

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"It worked!"

Zen squealed as he stared down at the fire lion.

This lion emitted purple flames as it contained the Heavenly Destiny of Devouring Kindling. But when Zen cut off the Heavenly Destiny within it, the purple flames died down and eventually, disappeared.

As the fire lion jumped back onto the screen, a pleased grin spread across Mike's face.

Although the Enemy Repelling Arts might seem easy, it was extremely difficult for anyone to truly grasp the essence of it. It amazed Mike that Zen was able to comprehend the Profound Cause-eliminating Technique of the book so quickly.

In this moment, Mike gently waved his hand across the screen and it flickered with a golden light. Just then, the Annihilation Thunder and the wind eagle once again shot towards Zen.

Zen's eyes focused at the sight of the two Heavenly Destinies.

He stretched out his arm grasping the sword and a light immediately surged out. "Cut them for me!"


The Causality Breaking Light had become ultimate foe of all the Heavenly Destinies. The flashing light soon disappeared, and the wind eagle that was charging towards Zen let out a mournful cry. The Spirit of Wind was cut off by him. It turned into a chaotic gust of wind and returned to the screen without hesitation.

Zen's sword had also been struck by the fierce Annihilation Thunder. When the light collided with the lighting, the latter lost its color and fled back to the screen.

Mike nodded in satisfaction and said, "Although the Enemy Repelling Arts retains itself well against the Laws of Causality, things will be totally different while you are fighting against the Supreme Lords. This will get much more complicated, so take extra care."

The Heavenly Destinies that Mike activated were in their most basic forms. After the Supreme Lords received their own Heavenly Destinies, they might have overused their Heavenly Destinies and brought them to their limits. When the Supreme Lords used the Laws of Causality, the power proved to be unimaginable. No doubt Zen would have difficulty destroying the causalities.

After Mike expressed his thoughts, he waved his hand once again.

The two screens on both sides of the path began to shine with beams of golden light. One by one, each of the Heavenly Destinies was activated just by a wave of his hand.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The energy that emanated caused the whole path to tremble vigorously.

The Supreme Lords simultaneously raised their heads to look at the sky, their faces filled with bewilderment.

The heav

s. It wouldn't be so simple in the divine land.

"No." Mike shook his head. "Murphy spoke only of the truth. The divine land will be even more difficult for you. If you enter and find yourself unable to help me, please don't push yourself too much."

Knowingly, the purpose of Mike's training for Zen was to save himself.

And since then, Zen had never failed to live up to his expectations. At times, maybe even exceeded them.

At this point, Mike had a thought of calling everything off. He didn't want Zen to take the risk of going against the Hall of Holy Beings for him. Thinking about it, he'd prefer Zen to stay somewhere safe in the divine land and live a normal life.

Zen's expression darkened at his father's words. He shot his eyes up at Mike and said, "According to you, why don't I give up now?"

"Give up now?" Mike's expression froze.

"Father, this is what you trained me for. I must try my best to save you. If you didn't care about living or dying, why did we go through all of this in the first place? What's the point of the path of martial arts that I've always followed?" Zen said and stared at Mike.

Seeing the look in Zen's eyes, Mike was stunned to hear these words come out of his son's mouth.

Zen was right.

Mike asked Zen to give up because he loved his son and didn't want him to suffer, but this was much more than that.

Pursuing martial arts was always motivated by something. Not by comfort, not by riches, but for something far greater than that. Zen knew what he had to do, and this was not something he could be talked out of.

Though Zen understood his father's concerns, he was sure he had to do this.

There was no turning back now.

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