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   Chapter 2021 Causality Breaking Light (Part Two)

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As the sword slashed down, Zen felt his hand go numb. The Annihilation Thunder was like a slippery fish. It quietly slipped away from Zen's blade and returned to the screen once again!

After he saw what happened, Mike shook his head. "The Enemy Repelling Arts is not a cultivation method to enhance one's strength. You can view the Causality Breaking Light as a kind of Law of Causality. The causality seems strong, but if there is no cause, then there will definitely be no effect. You can meditate on it and try to break the cause through the meditation. Then you can make a breakthrough. Got it?"

Zen calmed himself and tried to comprehend his father's words. Intense concentration was reflected in his expression.

The Law of Causality was strong because it formed an integral whole. The cause was the origin of the Heavenly Destiny. It was like a newborn baby, and it was also the beginning of the Heavenly Destiny. The really scary thing was the effect, not the cause! However, if he severed the 'cause, ' the scary effect wouldn't be formed.

What he needed to do was first to kill off the 'cause', and then there would be no more 'effect.' It was a simple yet effective tactic!

As he thought of this, Zen gained a hint of understanding. A sly smile decorated his face as he comprehended the technique.

"Let's do it again." Mike was always a strict person, so his demands of Zen would only be higher. The repeated practice was needed for Zen to grow faster.

At that moment, Zen felt as if he had returned to his childhood. His father had taught him to read and practice his martial arts time and time again. Mixed emotions appeared in Zen's heart as he reminisced his childhood.

The bolt of Annihilation Thunder once again shot out from the screen. The moment it got close to Zen, the Causality Breaking Light in his hand flashed again, and he charged towards the Annihilation Thunder. His determination was apparent in Zen's face.

The Annihil

he Fire Law, the Heavenly Destiny known as the Devouring Kindling. It was ferocious and lethal to its target.

Over a billion years ago, there was a Supreme Lord in the Evolutionary Universe who had created such a Heavenly Destiny named Devouring Kindling. Although that Heavenly Destiny was a medium-level Law of Causality, it still allowed that Supreme Lord to be comparable to a top-rank Supreme Lord. That was a mighty Heavenly Destiny!

The fire lion roared and pounced straight at Zen. Its ferocity remained unmatched. Claws as sharp as knives were seen in its paws.

Zen wasn't afraid of the Fire Law. However, the problem was that he had to resist the Heavenly Destiny within it.

When Zen faced the ferocious fire lion, the Causality Breaking Light on his long sword got brighter and more brilliant. His face also revealed a resolute expression. At that moment, Zen clenched his teeth and roared, "Break!"


A strange scene appeared…

A misty ray of cyan light flashed as the sword chopped down the fire lion's head. The purple flames that had appeared on the surface of the purple fire lion instantly vanished without a trace. Zen's powerful strike seemed to change the color of the fire lion. Additionally, the purple flames that spread from the fire lion turned to the ordinary flames...

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