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   Chapter 2020 Causality Breaking Light (Part One)

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After Zen had resolved the conflict in the Demon Night race, he would have to take action against the Sacred race.

During that time, Maha had constantly suppressed the momentum of the universe in the Sunflower Water World. Many world lords went to the Sunflower Water World, but Maha had murdered them all! His strength was simply above any of the world lords who fought him.

Many warriors in the universe had also raised questions through the Roaring Tokens. They asked where Zen and the Godly Geniuses were. The fact that Zen and Godly Geniuses were unaccounted could have detrimental effects on the morale of the other warriors.

The Supreme Lords of the Celestial Position and the Sacred race all started to lay out their plans in the Sunflower Water World. The fight with the Sacred race would probably begin any time soon.

If the battle were to begin, the world lords and grand world lords would die quickly. A Supreme Lord could easily overpower any world lord or grand world lord. The true main force would be the Supreme Lords of both sides!

Since the internal dispute of the Demon Night had been settled, the Demon Night and the ogre would also help the humankind. Also, the Supreme Lords of various races in the universe would join the war to help the humankind. Their army grew quite large and powerful.

However, the number of Supreme Lords in the Evolutionary Universe was still less than the number of Supreme Lords from Sacred race.

Wynn, the only True God of the Celestial Position, and the head of the Celestial Position didn't have confidence in the battle. Even if Zen returned, the atmosphere in the universe was still very pessimistic. Everyone was aware of how powerful the Sacred race was. Despair had crept into their hearts.

That time, Mike wanted to assist Zen.

Back then, Gus also knew that sooner or later, Zen would face the Supreme Lords. That was why he recommended the Enemy Repelling Arts to Zen. That cultivation method was said to be a powerful tool to restrain a Supreme Lord. It would greatly benefit Zen if he could master such a cultivation method.

However, although th

te blade now shone with a glimmer of cyan light! Power seemed to flow through the light and imbued on the sword.

The cyan light was the "Causality Breaking Light" recorded in the Profound Cause-eliminating Technique... It was rather easy for Zen to condense the Causality Breaking Light...

With his talent, he didn't have many shackles in his cultivation. A genius of his caliber could easily achieve such a task.

Not far away, Mike saw the Causality Breaking Light and slightly nodded towards Zen. Mike's eyes flashed as a ray of golden light shone on the screen. Immediately, a green lightning bolt extended from the golden light...

That was one of the profound mysteries of the tenth-layer Thunder Law. It was named the Annihilation Thunder. Mike created that beautiful and deadly technique.

The power of this Annihilation Thunder wasn't great. It was specifically used to restrain evil spirits. However, compared to the ordinary thunder, the Annihilation Thunder could attack the soul body more effectively. It might not have severe physical damage, but it could obliterate a warrior's soul body.


When he saw the Annihilation Thunder flash towards him, Zen, who initially sat upright on the ground, suddenly moved to avoid the green lightning. At the same time, he waved the sword in his hand, and like a cyan waterfall, the sword flew towards the green lightning bolt with high precision!

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