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Mike had constructed this universe.

So the creatures in the Evolutionary Universe couldn't cultivate the most extreme power. This was a limit that all secondary creatures were unable to cross, and also a restriction.

Only a certain type of warriors could cross this limit—the Godly Geniuses. Once a Godly Genius crossed this limit, they would be able to condense a Godly Tile and separate themselves from the Evolutionary Universe.

"These... These are Heavenly Destinies!"

Zen exclaimed, his eyes shining brightly in the golden light.

Above the screens, golden beams of light swirled about constantly. Each beam of golden light contained a Law of Causality within the heavens. Some of them contained particularly powerful auras, while others didn't contain any auras at all.

There were strong and weak Heavenly Destinies. Some couldn't even be used in combat. For instance, the Heavenly Destiny of Revival of Supreme Lord Lester could only resurrect martial artists that had perished, but wasn't helpful in combat.

But there were some Heavenly Destinies that were used for combat, and the auras emitted from these were naturally much stronger.

Zen's gaze swept over them, and he could vaguely distinguish the uses of some Heavenly Destinies.

A Heavenly Destiny on the left screen emitted a slight chill, even forming a little ice on top of the screen. This Heavenly Destiny was most likely a complete manifestation of the power of the Ice Law.

With the comprehension of the Holy Beings, they also had their own comprehensions of the perfect laws.

This meant that there wasn't just one type of complete Ice Law. With the complete Ice Law, it could extend several extremely powerful profound mysteries.

For example, the Ice Cold Flame that Zen had comprehended from Holy Jay was a special kind of profound mystery of the Ice Law.

Not too far away from the Ice Law, streams of colorful flames were being spewed out. They formed little cats that frolicked and played with each other as they walked down from the screen. These colored flames were definitely one of the profound mysteries of the ten-layer Fire Law.

Even a Supreme Lord would never be able to pry into the mysteries of the heavens. Zen was extremely lucky to be able to follow his father into the heavens.

As father and son continued moving forward, Zen noticed that some beams of golden light on the screens on both sides of the path were dim.

"Father, I guess these Heavenly Destinies have already been bestowed upon the Supreme Lords, right?" Zen asked.

There were many Heavenly Destinies on the screens. But he had only seen a dozen or so dim Heavenly Destinies, which was why he had become curious.

Mike nodded. "Yes. These are the Heavenly Destinies that have already been bestowed upon the Supreme Lords."

Zen looked confused at this. "Since your path of heavens contains


Zen then asked, "Father, is Yan well?"

Mike loosened up, now that Zen had stopped fixating on the earlier question. "She entered the divine land a long time ago and is being personally trained by my disciples. She won't have any problems."

Zen's and Yan's arrangements mattered the most to Mike, followed by the arrangements of Rocher and Xenia, and then, those of Margaret and Nathan... Mike had planned every single step of this. And regardless of how others had performed, the most important thing to him was Zen's performance.

Mike only told Zen in detail about Yan's arrangements and the information of his disciples. He also told him what he might encounter after he went to the divine land.

Once he was done, Mike stared at Zen and said, "I remember that you picked out a few cultivation methods in Bromley's fairy palace, and have successfully cultivated the Thunderbolt Annihilation and the Eight Smoky Melodies. But you haven't mastered the most important cultivation method, the Enemy Repelling Arts, right?"

Zen nodded when he heard his father ask about his own cultivation methods.

The Enemy Repelling Arts was a shocking cultivation method. It was just like Gus had recommended—if one managed to cultivate it, they would be able to sever causalities, and remove the others' Heavenly Destinies.

Unfortunately, over the past few years, Zen had spent a lot of time trying to cultivate it, but it was really difficult to comprehend.

"You can't be blamed for this. The Enemy Repelling Arts is one of the most powerful cultivation methods in the entire universe. If you don't have too many Laws of Causality to practice it, it's very difficult to cultivate. Yet in here, you are able to accomplish twice the results with half the effort!" Mike said.

Mike was only an energy soul at the moment. There was not much time left. And right now, he personally wanted to teach Zen everything.

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