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   Chapter 2018 Path Of Heavens

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Murphy's anger only lasted a moment. As a Holy Being who was at the top of the hierarchy among all living beings, he didn't need to be concerned with such an insignificant fellow. So he changed the topic and sneered, "Mike, it's too early to talk about the divine land. Your Evolutionary Universe will perish soon!"

At the moment, the Evolutionary Universe wasn't looking very optimistic.

Even if there was no Demon Night, the Sacred race still held the upper hand. This was what Mike and Zen needed to face right now.

"There's no need for you to worry about that. If my Evolutionary Universe were to be destroyed, it would be because of fate!" Mike replied drily.

"Very good. I hope that you can endure it and live long enough till the day I see your son in the divine land!"

The energy fluctuations of the transparent giant were becoming weaker by the minute. His voice conveyed by the wind was also becoming stranger and more distorted. The giant formed from Murphy's energy soul gradually dissipated into the world.

The moment the energy soul disappeared, the Soul-sealing Needle also made a quiet exit from the depths of Latonia's soul.

At this, Elena's legs went soft like noodles, and she collapsed to the ground. Using the Soul-sealing Needle to ask Murphy's energy soul to descend was Elena's last, desperate move. It was originally only used during the final battle between the Demon Night and the humans. But Elena had summoned it in advance to preserve her life and kill Lavender.

To her surprise, the moment Murphy appeared on the scene, another Holy Being also appeared, and he turned out to be Zen's father.

Elena could tell at first glance that Zen was extraordinary, but she had never thought that he was actually a direct descendant of a Holy Being. All she could do was accept this defeat and as she did so, her vigor drained from her face. Her previously bright eyes were now dim and dull.

Zen watched the energy wave dissipate. He suddenly remembered that Mike was still behind him. Shocked and afraid that Mike would disappear too, he turned around and called, "Father!"

Mike's silhouette did not disappear, but he did not respond either.

Zen was nervous as he asked, "Father, are you still here?"

"Yes, Son, I'm here," Mike replied.

Zen heaved a sigh of relief.

As a youth, Zen had never been sensible. He thought that his father had died in the past few years, but he had accumulated too many doubts in his heart.

Although he had more or less understood a few things, he still had questions.

Mike's energy soul started to shrink with the violent energy fluctuati

uld not be able to rebel.

Mike must have realized this, and as a result, recognized the position of the Demon Night in the universe. Since they were part of the Evolutionary Universe, they would naturally attack the Sacred race when necessary.

When Zen stepped through the door, he saw a golden scroll spread out on the ground, extending far into the distance and forming a path of golden light.

"What is this place?" Zen glanced around.

"This is the path of heavens," replied Mike. His faint shadow continued to move forward.

'Path of heavens?'

Zen thought, his eyes lighting up. He hurried to follow Mike.

When he was young, he had followed his father like this. But at the time, he had been too small and hadn't been able to keep up with Mike's footsteps. Zen had stumbled and run, occasionally complaining in a low voice that Mike was walking too fast. But his father had never stopped to wait for him.

He still remembered it clearly. Now that he was the same size as his father, he had a better understanding. In fact, ever since he had been a child, his father had already had some expectations for him. He, on the other hand, had never understood his father's strict character. Only now did he understand Mike's painstaking efforts.

"Those are the rules that I have comprehended in my entire life," Mike said calmly.

Looking at where Mike was pointing, Zen saw two screens on both sides of the path of heavens. Countless gold lights were circulating unceasingly on the screens. These lights had completely different shapes, and the aura they emitted was also completely different. 'These are the supreme rules my father has mastered?'

"In the Evolutionary Universe, you all call it Heavenly Destiny," Mike added.

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