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   Chapter 2017 The Holy Beings' Words

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Neither of these two giants had a tangible body. In other words, they weren't perceptible by touch.

The transparent giant summoned by Elena was nothing more than a ball of rolling energy waves. In the same sense, the figure standing behind Zen was equally a sphere of floating energy.

For now, the two giants seemed to have stopped attacking each other for the time being. Instead, they stood rather motionlessly, facing each other in midair.

The energy in the transparent giant's head suddenly began to fluctuate violently, forming a huge gap in space. The gap warped and turned into a huge terrifying mouth, from which a fierce wind blew abruptly.

At first, the sound of the whistling wind was very sharp, but as the enormous mouth continued to change shapes, the intonation began to decrease.

It took quite some time to adjust the sound volume but afterward, the constantly changing wind sound changed into a melody, and in the end, it actually transformed into a person's voice!

"Mike! We meet again..."

As Zen watched the huge distorted mouth, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

He knew that the transparent giant had no way of making any sound on its own and therefore, it had to influence the speed and angle of the airflow in order to produce any noise at all.

Even though the wind sound was rather strange, other people could still hear the clear words, too.

'Mike?' Zen wondered silently to himself.

He was of course astonished to have heard these words.

The figure's silhouette behind him was none other than Mike, of course!

Zen couldn't help but glance at the figure behind him. He was just too curious.

The figure was just a simple outline, which made it rather hard to see its appearance whatsoever. However, the aura exuding from this silhouette was extraordinary and powerful. Zen felt mesmerized.

The silhouette was silent for a moment before speaking, "Murphy, you personally took action, thus violating the rules of the Hall of Holy Beings!"

Zen wasn't sure exactly where Mike's voice was coming from, but each and every word he spoke could be heard clearly. Obviously, he didn't need to speak by means of the airflow sound as the transparent giant did.

As this familiar voice reached Zen's ears, a rush of alarm washed over him and his heart started pounding violently!

When this had all begun, he wasn't sure exactly whom the figure's outline belonged to.

Now though, and more so after hearing Mike's all familiar voice, he no longer had any doubt.

A trace of warmth flowed through his heart as he thought back to the figure's silhouette that had helped him cross through the Luck-devouring Snake Tribulation. As it turned out, his father had always been standing right behind him, but he had just never realized it before.

"Ha! Ha!"

As a gust of wind surged out from the transparent giant's mouth, it let out a strange, chilling laugh at the same time.

"So what? The current Hall of Holy Beings is not what it used to be anymore. Anyway, I have only sent a single strand of my soul into the Evolutionary Universe. I believe that the Hall of Holy Beings won't eve

se, was no other tan Mike, the owner of the Evolutionary Universe!

When Zen had first discovered the truth, he was rather disappointed, and felt a little sad.

Throughout his entire life, he was led to believe that everything he had obtained was through hard work, only to find out that the whole was arranged by his father!

Once Zen was informed about what had happened to his father and his enemies in the divine land through Holy Jay, he managed to keep his calm. He didn't have the time or the right to argue with such things. Moreover, all the arrangements in the Evolutionary Universe contained his father's painstaking efforts!

"Zen, trust me. Murphy is only trying to strike a blow to your warrior spirit. In this world..." Mike suddenly said to Zen. He was worried that there was something wrong with Zen's state of mind, even though Murphy was really telling the truth!

"I know," Zen replied calmly, with an even more determined expression in his eyes now. They shone like stars in the midnight sky. "Murphy, even if that's true, I still want to behead you in front of the Hall of Holy Beings. No matter what you say today, to me, you're still nothing but a mere Holy Being!"

Mike's silhouette nodded once Zen finished speaking. Mike was satisfied with Zen's reaction. Murphy had said those words just to get under Zen's skin, to deter his state of mind, but what he said was the truth. Mike could control everything in the Evolutionary Universe. When Zen had encountered any desperate situation in the past, Mike had helped him every single time.

If Zen left this place, he would also leave Mike's protection. And by then, he'd be facing situations that were thousands of times more dangerous than what he was facing right now. Sooner or later, he would have to face such situation on his own.

"Little brat!" Murphy only wanted Zen to fully comprehend the genuine situation. He didn't expect Zen to be more stubborn than Mike, despite having said so much in an attempt to persuade him. Murphy on the other hand, even with his stable state of mind, also became furious.

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