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   Chapter 2016 Another Giant Phantom

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Each time when a supreme world collapsed, only a few creatures would be able to survive.

Hundreds and thousands of mortals in the cities and surrounding towns had no chance of escaping such a disaster. It was an unforeseen occurrence for them to be prepared.

Zen's face darkened. He hadn't expected that such a powerful phantom would suddenly appear at the last moment.


Without any remorse, the phantom once again lifted its hand in an attempt to blow another hit towards Zen. With a gust of wind, a strong pressure resonated.

With a sudden realization, Zen's face showed signs of struggle and hesitation. He couldn't think of a better way to deal with this attack. If he didn't block it, then the entire Rosy Cloud World would definitely be destroyed by the phantom's other powerful attack.

With no time to lose, he was having cold feet caught between choices on how to deal with the attack, but at that moment, he suddenly felt a cold killing intent advancing from behind him!

"Get out of the way, Zen!"

A resolute strong voice shouted from behind him.

Zen turned around and saw Lavender advancing on a fast speed. The bone wings behind Lavender's back had fully extended. Each of the bone wings emitted a scarlet light.

Lavender had already completely recovered her strength after unsealing her Pool of Faith. Using Latonia's spirit embryo, she became even stronger than she had been in the past! She was originally the strongest person of the Demon Night race. After the three queens took each of their own positions, the powers of their Faith Energy were different as well.

Latonia's Faith Energy represented new life and fraternity. Her green Faith Energy transformed was the power of Life Law. Elena's Faith Energy represented rules and order. It would then be transformed into the power of Thunder Law. Those who violated the rules and order of the race would be punished by thunder.

As for Lavender's Faith Energy, it represented destruction and annihilation. Her Faith Energy was actually a fusion of the Demon Night race members' malicious aura. It gave her an excellent and advanced skill in killing.

With Lavender's fighting strength and acquired power, she had far surpassed Elena.

The blood-red Faith Energy she absorbed contained an intense aura of killing. The scarlet lights on her bone wings constantly fluctuated as they converged onto the Saint Killing Spear in Lavender's hands, forming spear shadows that surrounded her weapon.

As Lavender brandished the Saint Killing Spear, the spear shadows that seemed to be solid began to sway along with the spear.



As she ordered, the spear shadows began to converge on the Saint Killing Spear.

On the surface of the Saint Killing Spear, the demonic red color had reached its saturation point. Traces of malicious aura were like flames slowly spreading out to its surroundings.

At the time when Zen blocked the first attack of the phantom's transparent giant hand, Lavender on the side

th determination and boldness. She might have already realized that she would not be able to escape, but after entering her fighting mode, she was affected by the malicious aura and couldn't feel any fears.

In the midst of struggle, her eyes met Zen's. She realized something but only looked at him with a hint of regret.

Her regretful gaze contained too many unspoken implications, creeping through Zen's heart.

That moment seemed to have turned into eternity, and everything became increasingly slower in Zen's eyes.


Unexpectedly at the same time, everything came to a halt as Zen felt a gust of cold wind blew past his back. A figure of a person, in a flash, appeared behind him. The figure quickly grew in size and soon turned into another giant phantom. Without wasting any second, it waved its giant fist and blew a strike towards Murphy's phantom.


A muffled sound could be heard as Murphy's phantom was thrown to the ground. It was not able to hurt Lavender with just a mere gap of seconds. Being attacked by another oppression, it lost balance throwing Lavender up into the sky.


Murphy's phantom fell heavily to the ground and crushed the Inauguration Altar behind it creating numerous cracks and canyons on the ground. These cracks were enough to disrupt the stability of the entire Rosy Cloud World. The entire supreme world continued to shake. It seemed like it might collapse at any moment!

The giant phantom behind Zen only threw one punch but the effect was beyond expectation. It was not just on par with Murphy's phantom but could be even more powerful!

"This, this..."

Zen was dumbstruck as he stared at the giant phantom behind him.

This phantom had appeared once in the past, and it was this figure who had helped him destroy all of the Luck-devouring Snakes the time he encountered the Luck-devouring Snake Tribulation. He had never imagined that this figure would suddenly appear once more and even gave a powerful blow to Murphy's phantom.

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