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   Chapter 2015 A Shadow

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"Since you know everything, please go ahead. I've brought this upon myself," said Elena smiling calmly.

She no longer had any strategies left for a counterattack. In her dispute with Lavender, the final result was a crushing defeat. However, her smile wasn't entirely innocent; there seemed to be hidden shrewdness behind her calm demeanor.

Elena's expression was as tranquil as a lake, but her soul was trembling faintly. The Soul-sealing Needle in the depths of her soul was emitting a faint light.

Lavender slowly walked toward Elena grasping her Saint Killing Spear tight in her hand, her steps slow and heavy. The hatred between her and Elena was complicated. In the beginning, she had been killed by Elena and become a remnant soul. Then, Elena had sent out her people, Viveca, Elspeth, Salvador and Aneisha to hunt her. The four of them had killed themselves in front of Lavender. It was all too much!

Now that the opportunity for revenge was right in front of her, she didn't feel much joy even though she could easily kill her.


The two tips of the Saint Killing Spear began to rotate. The two dots on the tips of the spear formed a circle of light due to the high-speed rotation.

Ten feet...

Five feet...

Three feet...

Supreme Lord Leroy and Zen stood behind Lavender, quietly watching the scene.

This was a grudge match between Lavender and Elena, and they would not interfere. Lavender's tactics on dealing with the Queen of Life depended entirely on her mood.

This spear strike was only a foot away from Elena. If Lavender lightly swung it with her arm, it would be able to crush Elena's exquisitely beautiful face and reduce it to a pile of mud.

But in this instant, the Soul-sealing Needle within Elena's soul suddenly broke into two.


A light but sharp sound came from deep within Elena's soul.

The instant the Soul-sealing Needle broke, Elena's entire aura underwent a dramatic change.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

An aura, which originated since ancient times but had been passed down eternally, was emitting from Elena's body!

Under the spell of this incredible aura, everything in the universe was so tiny.

Soon, an enormous transparent figure appeared behind Elena.

The translucent figure did not have a completely-formed body. It was just a spectral aura that constantly whirled in the air, forming the shape of a person.

Elena's face revealed a proud smile and her voice also became louder. "Lavender, how naive you are! Do you really think you have what it takes to kill me? Hahaha!"

Elena suddenly spread out both her hands and tilted her head backwards. She had a crazed smile on her face as she loudly proclaimed, "Master, you're here..."

That translucent figure continued to grow. Almost instantly it went from a height of a hundred feet to more than a thousand feet, then ten thousand

ountless cracks appeared thereafter, and then began to disintegrate.


For all the living beings in that supreme world, this strike was the beginning of the apocalypse. After the collapse of the supreme world, it constantly spiraled downwards, and the ascending passageways connecting from the Lower World also began to break one by one. Countless living creatures were desperately flying towards the sky in a bid to escape nature's wrath.

The power of this palm strike could completely destroy a supreme world.

Zen's heart was thumping like crazy as well.

Supreme Lords were unable to demolish a supreme world completely. For example, Elena's Profound Holy Thunder had obliterated a third of the surface area of the Celestial Wolf World. The Profound Holy Thunder had only caused destruction on the surface area of the Celestial Wolf World.

However, no Supreme Lords could wipe out a supreme world. Even when several Supreme Lords fought against each other in the Orange Sea World, they weren't able to make the entire Orange Sea World disappear. At least half of the Orange Sea World still remained.

But now, the translucent palm had shattered a supreme world.

The palm attack was blocked by a small, ant-sized warrior. The transparent shadow seemed to be caught off guard. However, it only hesitated for a moment and then used its other hand to hit Zen.


Another vicious muffled sound.

Left with no other choice, Zen once again transferred the power he received to another world.

Another supreme world became Zen's scapegoat. After he transferred the power to that supreme world, it would also be desecrated without exception.

'This won't do, ' Zen thought anxiously.

If he allowed this translucent figure to keep attacking him, and he, in turn, kept sacrificing all the supreme worlds of the Upper World, it would still not be enough! He had to think of another way.

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