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   Chapter 2014 Time Of Purge

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The Grand Teleportation technique allowed warriors to instantly appear from one place to another in great distances.

It was known that only warriors at the world lord level and above were fully able to grasp this technique. The use of this technique in battles between world lords or Supreme Lords often made it difficult for the warriors to kill their opponents, as it provided an escape.

The warriors who were proficient in the Grand Teleportation technique were well aware that the so-called "Teleportation" wasn't as easy as it sounded.

First, a normal space channel was needed. Then, it would use the Space Law to construct a path and fold the two ends of space together.

The stronger the Space Law was, the higher the ratio of folding.

The space channels of the great worlds could reduce a distance of a thousand miles to just ten miles, while the Upper World's space channels could reduce a ten-thousand-mile distance to just ten miles as well. Even more astonishing were the trans-border channels, for they could reduce a distance of a million miles to just ten miles.

The Grand Teleportation technique the Supreme Lords used was no different as it needed to create the same space channel as well. However, only a few people could use this space channel and it could not exist for long. It could only exist for several seconds or so, but it could reduce the distance of millions of miles to only a foot!

To put it simply, a Supreme Lord who had executed the Grand Teleportation technique only needed to move one foot to cross millions of miles in reality.

This teleportation didn't mean that they actually disappeared, but rather, they traversed millions of miles away at an extremely fast speed.

It was naturally impossible to even catch up to such an extreme speed. Therefore, if a Supreme Lord used it to escape in battle, the opponent would have to use the same technique to keep up as well.

On the other hand, the Ancestral Dragon's situation was a bit special. Its understanding of the Space Law had surpassed everyone's expectations.

It was true that Supreme Lord Korbin had successfully used the Grand Teleportation technique to escape. He should be able to get away from the Rosy Cloud World in a blink of an eye.

Never did he expect that, just when he had escaped into the space channel and started to move inside it, the Ancestral Dragon had suddenly dragged him out and bit him!

Shock was written all over Zen's and everyone else's faces. Supreme Lord Korbin looked equal parts surprised and enraged. He quickly set his thoughts aside and launched a counterattack.

Yet, it was no use because the Ancestral Dragon had absorbed all of the Faith Energy in the two Pools of Faith. This present Ancestral Dragon was already a full grown adult and was terrifyingly strong. Supreme Lord Korbin fought fiercely and struggled, but the Ancestral Dragon had eventually swallowed him up.


ound by the Death Chain that exposed his every move.

"Hmph," Lavender simply snorted.

She suddenly accelerated her pace and surprisingly did not dodge the cloud of black shadows when she charged straight ahead.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Just then, the others who were present heard several piercing sounds. Fresh blood splattered everywhere and painted everything it touched red.

When the black shadows were gone, Lavender slowly returned with the Saint Killing Spear in her hand. Supreme Lord Shadow froze on the spot with his eyes wide open as three fist-sized holes appeared on his heart, stomach, stomach, and the center of his chest.

Right after, the heavens shook violently once more.

Another Supreme Lord had died.

The Death Chain that bound Supreme Lord Shadow and Zen together dissipated when the Supreme Lord was no more.

It was only then when Zen had finally regained his freedom.

A relieved sigh escaped his lips and he returned the Death Chain to his space ring. Although the Death Chain was a valuable treasure, it had its disadvantages. He could've just escaped right now if it wasn't for the light band that bound him to his opponent. Therefore, he realized that he had to think twice the next time he thought about using it.

On the other hand, Lavender turned to face Elena and Latonia this time.

"You are controlled by the Soul-sealing Needles. The crimes that you have committed against the Demon Night race can't be blamed on you," Lavender said.

However, Elena couldn't help but snort coldly at her words. "So what? Even if I wasn't controlled by the Soul-sealing Needle, I wouldn't spare your life as well," she said.

"I know. It's why I'm not letting you go," Lavender shot back as her eyes glowed red.

The grudges she and Elena held against each other didn't really involve the Soul-sealing Needle. It was just that Lavender was self-righteous to a point that she chose to tell right from wrong.

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