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   Chapter 2013 Be Swallowed

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The Heavenly Destiny of Supreme Lord Leroy had been personally gifted by Lavender. Naturally, his feelings for her differed from the other Supreme Lords of the Demon Night race.

In the universe, Supreme Lords were the utmost existences—never did they submit to anyone.

But the Supreme Lords of the Demon Night race still maintained respect towards their queens. Most of the time, they were on equal footing.

But Supreme Lord Leroy submitted to Lavender willingly, treating her as his master.

For the sake of her return, he was willing to pay any price. No regret would come to him even if he had to sacrifice his own life.

To him, hearing Lavender's simple greeting was already worth everything.

The conflict before him hadn't been resolved, so it wasn't the time to reminisce about the past.

Elena stood in front of Lavender, looking stubborn and unmoving. Such was her personality—paranoid and violence-driven.

Although she knew that she had suffered a crushing defeat, she couldn't accept it in the least.

No change could be hinted from Latonia's expression—she couldn't be read at all in that moment.

Standing not too far away, Supreme Lord Korbin felt bitterness fill his heart.

He and Supreme Lord Shadow had originally been neutral Supreme Lords. Never did they participate in the internal struggles of the Demon Night race unless they were to face an invasion.

This time, they had acted completely based on consideration of the situation. They believed that Zen could be brought down easily, and that Leroy and the other Demon Night members weren't a match for them at all.

After all, who would've thought that Zen's strength could still exceed anyone's imagination? Even after the two queens returned, they couldn't defeat him.

Yet, such a change came about in the Inauguration Altar, something unexpected to all.

Supreme Lord Korbin watched Lavender warily, preparing to use the Grand Teleportation to leave. If she were to control the Demon Night race, he wouldn't be able to stay any longer. But as a Supreme Lord, it wasn't really difficult to find a hiding spot in the universe.

The one who was most let down was probably Supreme Lord Shadow.

Although he was completely healed, thanks to Latonia, he still had one side of the chain on his body—he had no way to escape.

Lavender's eyes swept slowly over them until they finally stopped on Latonia. "Latonia, do you wish to be my enemy too? Why?"

After Lavender had brewed for such a long time, her question left everyone in shock. It seemed that Lavender knew nothing.

Latonia looked at her strangely. She wasn't as depressed and unwilling as Elena, so she gave a free, easy smile. "Since we're taking different sides, it's natural that I become your enemy." Altho

llings, Lavender was by no means a soft-hearted woman. Even if her own race's Supreme Lords had committed an unforgivable sin, she would be decisive and make her move without hesitation.

Supreme Lord Korbin, who had been preparing to run away, suddenly activated the Grand Teleportation, ready to flee.


A blazing white power of the Space Law began blooming underneath his feet as he dissipated.

"You want to escape?"

This put a frown on Zen's and Supreme Lord Leroy's faces. Supreme Lords could teleport swiftly and travel far off in a blink of an eye. If a Supreme Lord had the intention of escaping, it made killing him all too difficult. Although Zen's Death Chain could lock down the Supreme Lord, the other end of it was still locked onto Supreme Lord Shadow.

But just as Supreme Lord Korbin was about to use Grand Teleportation to escape, the Ancestral Dragon began to move. Suddenly, it raised its neck and its head shot out, opening its mouth wide, fiercely biting down on the void.

Although the Ancestral Dragon's body was now enormous, its movements were unimaginably fast—they simply didn't match the creature's massive size.

As it opened his mouth, everyone could see something inside it and hear Supreme Lord Korbin's rage. A mass of cyan flames exploded within the dragon's mouth—it was Supreme Lord Korbin's counterattack!

But the Ancestral Dragon closed its mouth, sucking back in the cyan flames. After it chewed for a moment, the angry roars from within its mouth turned lighter and lighter.

Supreme Lord Korbin had actually been chewed up and swallowed by the dragon.

When Supreme Lord Shadow and the rest of them saw the scene, they sucked in a cold breath of air—none of them could understand why the dragon would bite down on Supreme Lord Korbin when he had already used Grand Teleportation.

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