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   Chapter 2012 The Unfamiliar Lavender

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The massive form turned out to be the body of an adult Genuine Dragon!

Its dark cyan scales were closely packed, forming a strong layer of armor on its body. It emitted a dreamy luster underneath the sun's rays.

Two, sharp, yellow horns protruded from its head and its bewitching red eyes exuded such a powerful aura that hit like a tidal wave upon those who watched it with awe.

If a Genuine Phoenix's rank and potential depended on the number of feathers on its tail, to a Genuine Dragon, these things were measured by the number of claws it had.

Ordinary Genuine Dragons normally had three while stronger ones had four. The strongest Genuine Dragon had five!

Only two, five-clawed Genuine Dragons existed in the entire Genuine Dragon World: the eldest of the nine dragon brothers and also the strongest existence in the Genuine Dragon World - the Five-clawed Golden Dragon. The other was the similarly Five-clawed Black Dragon.

The Evil Dragon that the Celestial Position race had once captured also had five claws.

However, the dark cyan dragon had six!

The dragon shot straight to the sky and let out a mighty roar!


This was no simple roar. By just hearing that loud, powerful noise, all weak creatures and lower level vicious beasts of the Rosy Cloud World began to submit and tremble in their caves.

The dark cyan dragon's roar triggered something in these creatures - a sense of instinctive fear for survival in the face of such a powerful being. This kind of instinct was something in their bones that was formed through the countless years' of evolution, passed down from generation to generation!

Even the Supreme Lords and the two queens felt their heartbeat quicken.


The enormous Genuine Dragon circled the air once before heading straight towards the Inauguration Altar and lowering its massive head.

From the dragon's head fell down a girl. She somersaulted in the air and landed light as a feather on the big crater.

Elena, Latonia, and Supreme Lord Korbin stood near while Supreme Lord Shadow was currently bound to Zen by the Death Chain. That woman ignored all of them and walked towards Zen.

"Lavender," he called out in such a gentle voice as she approached.

The woman in front of him looked so familiar yet exuded an unreal aura of strange unfamiliarity. She was as pure as a newborn baby, her entire body emitting a perfect aura.

Yet, all in all, she was Lavender.

She had always appeared before Zen in soul form so it was only understandable why he felt so strange facing her now. Even when she was in the form of the sword spirit, it was still as insub

lightning bolts disappear.

Elena's strike didn't work so she decided to change her angle. The Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer once again smashed down towards Lavender.

The Queen of Killings was calm in the face of such aggression. She pulled back the spear and pointed it at the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer once again.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!"

There was a series of explosions as the two clashed. Elena struck out a dozen times and Lavender countered even more.

The difference though was that Elena had gone all out while Lavender was very much relaxed in blocking the attacks directed at her.


It seemed Lavender had gotten bored of Elena's pestering. She suddenly raised her spear and made the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer fly out of Elena's hand. It spun in the air and created a small hole at the bottom of the huge crater.

Now that she was without a weapon, the crazed look on Elena's face quickly melted.

She had lost the Pool of Faith and then the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer. There was nothing else she could do to fight against Lavender.


At this time, Leroy suddenly shot down from the sky!

He was initially quietly floating in the air but had fallen into despair. However, the quick progression of events completely flabbergasted him.

It was as if he was in a dream. Was the image in front of him truly real?

"My queen!" he exclaimed as he rushed towards Lavender's side.

Lavender's vicious face softened when she saw him. "Leroy, you... You have grown so much."

A warrior at Leroy's level aging meant only one thing: he had finally entered the Five Aging Processes. Such process was irreversible and Leroy would inevitably slide into death's abyss. There was no way that could change his fate.

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