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   Chapter 2011 Helpless

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The vines completely wrapped around Zen.

These were Bone-dissolving Vines. Once a person was trapped, the vines would suck their life energy until their prey was dry like a prune.

Just now, Zen had been able to withstand the Profound Holy Thunder. Latonia wasn't adept at combat, but she knew better than to rely on her own strength to break through Zen's theurgy.

If the Bone-dissolving Vines were truly effective and would completely absorb all of Zen's life energy, then she'd be more than satisfied.

"I'm sorry," she said, her voice saccharine sweet.

She really wasn't someone who enjoyed killing and she couldn't be less interested in Elena's schemes. It was just a pity she had to kill Zen.

Zen's expression remained the same. However, in the next moment, he felt a strange movement from the vines. Tiny vortices erupted on their skin and began to absorb his energy.

Soon, green dots started to appear along the vines.

The Bone-dissolving Vines were taking his energy.

"It's working," Latonia said with faint amusement.

"Good," Elena nodded in praise. She hadn't thought that even after she'd exhausted her strength, she'd still have to rely on Latonia to solve the problem.

Latonia, however, only glanced at her with indifference.

Although the Soul-sealing Needle forced her to stand on the same side as Elena, she didn't like the girl, and she wasn't afraid to show it.

The vines continued to absorb life energy, and were getting fatter every passing moment. Latonia lightly tapped on a vine and it slithered onto her hand like a snake.

The green energy flowed from Zen's body to hers, and she liked it very much.

The moment life energy was extracted, it would begin to form a ball of energy. It would condense and grow bigger until it had absorbed all the nutrients and energy from its source.

Not long after, more and more energy gathered in her hand, and soon enough, another ball of green light appeared.


Latonia frowned in confusion.

This ball of green light held all of one's life energy.

But if Latonia had indeed extracted Zen's life energy, why was he still alive?

Unless... This was not Zen's life energy!

'Could it be that this brat has other life forms attached to him?'

Scowling at

he Demon Night!"

Zen remained calm. While they were beating him up, he used the will of worlds to check out the situation within the Inauguration Altar. The corners of his mouth curved to a smile. "You didn't sense anything?"

Elena ignored him. Right now, she only wanted him locked up in eternal night.

Punishment was Elena's specialty. Killing people was Lavender's...

But as Elena began to condense Faith Energy, a frown formed on her face. She couldn't collect any.

Latonia's expression mirrored Elena's. She could sense something wrong. The two women glanced at each other and saw the panic reflected in their eyes. They turned their attention to the Inauguration Altar.

Rumble, rumble...

The earth began to shake violently.

Soon, massive cracks began to form in the Inauguration Altar's surface.

"What's happening?" Leroy asked, his gaze fixed on the altar.

The Inauguration Altar was probably one of the sturdiest buildings in the Evolutionary Universe. A Supreme Lord wouldn't be able to force their way in it. And before, when Zen had fallen from the sky, he had only created a hole in the surface.

The tremors that came from the Inauguration Altar at this moment were actually capable of shattering the entire Inauguration Altar. What exactly had happened here?


And right at that moment, the Inauguration Altar exploded.

And from the rubble, a massive figure shot straight to the sky. A silhouette of a woman could be seen standing on top of a dragon's head!

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