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   Chapter 2010 Willow Of Destruction

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Zen had just transferred the Profound Holy Thunder, and it nearly destroyed one-third of the Celestial Wolf World's area, and the entire Sacred race within it.

The Profound Holy Thunder shone like mercury as it trickled down Zen's body while he gradually transferred it to the Celestial Wolf World.

Above his head, the thunder vortex disappeared as if it was never there. However, the lightning snakes came together into a giant ball of lightning and wrapped themselves around Zen. The ball lost energy eventually, with the light dimming as it shrank.

Everything took place in at least a minute and a half.

Once the light rays disappeared, a massive crater developed beneath Elena's feet. It was wide and deep, impossible to fill up. Perhaps it was bottomless.

"It's over..."

Elena slowly walked over and stood at the edge of the crater, looking down. Her eyes turned a dark brown in dismay.

"This fellow..."

Zen, on the other hand, sat still, cross-legged with his eyes closed. Not a single speck of dust on his body, including the long robe that fell behind him.

Before this, Elena had already felt a trace of worry.

It was of common knowledge that the Godly Geniuses had a mission—everyone knew this. They had been born in the universe with the responsibility of saving it someday. Because of their power, they could not be easily killed.

The first thing Elena did after Latonia sealed Zen with the Willow of Destruction, was to summon the Profound Holy Thunder.

This specific thunder was one of Elena's top theurgies.

Despite this, Zen remained unharmed. She suddenly realized that this made things a lot more complicated.

Seeing Elena, Latonia shook her head in confusion. Just then, her body flashed, and she ended up above the giant hole. Her eyes scoped the situation, and she furrowed her eyebrows in surprise. "He's not dead? Even his clothes weren't damaged? What kind of robe is this?"

Korbin and Leroy were both shocked to hear this.

Most especially Leroy, whose dull eyes gave off hopeful expressions.

He had thought he was doomed. The two Blood-devouring Bone Arrows did not achieve anything, burning two-thirds of his life for nothing. Meanwhile, Zen was bound and baptized by the Profound Holy Thunder.

The odd thing was that Zen still hadn't died. 'Is he immune to everything? Does this make him indestructible?' he mused.

Elena and the Supreme Lords moved towards the giant hole and looked down at Zen. They had to keep their eyes glued to believe what was happening.

After a while, Zen's eyes twitched and eventually opened. As his gaze met Elena's, he smiled faintly before leaping up from the large

rose and fell continuously as she gasped for air. The skin under her eyes puffed up as her pupils became visibly glassy.

She was helpless. After catching Zen, all she had to do was destroy him. But she couldn't, and it made her feel foolish. How was this even possible?

"Let me give it a try..."

Seeing Elena's desperation, Latonia floated down and hovered in front of Zen. Staring at him with gentle, moving eyes, she smiled and said, "If I'm not wrong, you seem to have the same theurgy as my leaves of Willow of Destruction."

The willow leaves that sealed his power were from a plant created by Latonia.

This material could absorb any energy and have it transmitted to the trunk of the willow tree. In a certain corner of the world, Latonia managed to plant millions of Willows of Destruction.

Therefore, when Zen used his power, it would be completely absorbed by the willow trees.

Hearing this, Zen smiled. "Maybe."

Zen had a feeling this was the case. Yes, the willow Leaves absorbed energy and transferred it to the tree trunks. Nonetheless, all the willow trees had a limit to their stock. Once the trunks reached their limit, the trees would die.

As for Zen's power transfer, wherever it was covered by the will of worlds, he could divert power. This made his power transfer a hundred times greater than Latonia's.

Latonia didn't continue questioning him. There and then, a green light flashed in her eyes as she stretched out her hand and tapped Zen's shoulder lightly. A green ripple began to spread across Zen's body.

In the blink of an eye, seedlings sprouted around Zen. After they broke through the soil, golden vines extended from the seeds and wrapped around him within seconds. Soon after, Zen was completely bound in golden vines.

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