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   Chapter 2009 Can You Really Kill Me

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Zen was shackled by the Death Chain and his power was sealed. Now he had no way to flee.

Looking at the lightning that was condensing above his head, he slowly calmed down. His eyes revealed a faint smile.

Noticing Zen's expression, Elena asked, "Why are you smiling?"

Zen blinked, his smile becoming wider. "You're sending me to my death, why can't I smile before I die?"

Elena sneered at this. She then extended her hand and made a few mysterious moves in the sky. A deep blue rune shattered in her hand and turned into a stream of light that shot into the vortex. She then looked down at Zen in the crater and spoke, "I hope that you can still continue smiling in the netherworld."


The lightning vortex that had been condensing for a long time formed huge lightning snakes.

There were exaggerated patterns on the surface of these lightning snakes. The lightning snakes had a life of their own as they constantly intertwined with each other and wriggled!

As the lightning snakes wriggled, they eyed Zen hungrily. They were viewing him as a tasty morsel but the lightning snakes were trapped in the vortex, unable to get out…

But when Elena released the blue stream of light, the lightning vortex began to slowly disintegrate. The lightning snakes finally attained their freedom!


Having gained their freedom, they swooped down simultaneously. Countless bolts of lightning struck at the air, causing an ear-piercing sound!

Elena watched this scene coldly, and calmly observed Zen. This fellow should feel honored to die by the Profound Holy Thunder.

However Zen looked at Elena and flashed a dazzling smile. At the same time, his lips moved slightly…

His voice was very low, and even without the noises from the lighting arcs, she still might not have been able to hear him clearly. However, Elena knew lip-reading, and the moment he opened his mouth, she could easily read what he was saying.

"Do you really think you can kill me?"

When Elena understood what he was saying, her eyebrows creased and a puzzled expression appeared on her face…

'Was this fellow a fool?'

Elena was well aware of the power of this Profound Holy Thunder. There was simply no one in the entire universe who could resist it head-on.

Even the four top-rank Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe would not dare to forcefully take this Profound Holy Thunder, let alone Zen. Anyone who dared to use their physical body to block the Profound Holy Thunder would have their flesh completely ripped to shreds.

Strong as the power of this Profound Holy Thunder was, there was a fatal problem with it; it was too time-consuming to be employed in a jiffy.

In a fight between Supreme Lords, deadly moves were executed in the blink of an eye!

A few seconds was a very extremely short time frame for an ordinar

World, an unprecedented disaster was unfolding.

When the Sacred martial artists invaded this universe, they had to face all sorts of natural disasters every now and then. They had to be extremely cautious at all times in order to combat the malicious phenomenon of the Evolutionary Universe.

After occupying a supreme world, they would try their best to reduce the number in their group and then use the materials in that supreme world to create various arrays and enchanted barriers.

This way, it wouldn't be too much of a problem to deal with ordinary events like heavenly thunder or ground fire.

But today, streaks of lightning, which were as thick as buckets, were suddenly attacking in the Celestial Wolf World.

"What is that lightning!?"

a Sacred warrior cried out as he looked at the sky. The light that erupted in the sky alarmed the warriors who were guarding this area.

Three grand world lords simultaneously looked up into the sky. When they saw the lightning snakes, their mouth fell open in shock.

"This is not heavenly thunder! This is an attack by some Supreme Lord!"

"Quickly, go and inform the Supreme Lords of our Sacred race!"

"That's impossible! The Supreme Lords of our Sacred race have already gone to the Sunflower Water World. It's impossible that the humans would dare to send their forces to attack this place right now!"

There was utter chaos among the martial artists of the Celestial Wolf World!

At the same time, the lightning snakes were swarming overhead.

The lightning bolts wreaked havoc on the land. The rolling thunder plowed through the entire sacred place. This ten grade sacred place occupied by the Sacred race was a vast land, but it only took seconds for these lightning snakes to destroy it. In the end, all that was left behind were signs of destruction and charred ruins and the corpses of countless Sacred martial artists.

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