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   Chapter 2008 Aging

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The Blood-devouring Bone Arrow suddenly turned into a trail of blood and shot towards Elena below! The red streak made by the arrow flew with great precision.

There was no way to dodge the arrow that Supreme Lord Leroy shot. The arrow could have followed Elena to the ends of the earth...

Elena was well aware of the arrow's characteristics. However, she didn't dodge at all and continued to concentrate on the Profound Holy Thunder that she brewed.

The Profound Holy Thunder that floated above Zen's head became more condensed than before. The aura it emitted also became even more immense as if a god of thunder was about to appear. Power, similar to a catastrophic thunderstorm, radiated from it.


The Blood-devouring Bone Arrow dragged a bloody light with it as it drilled through Elena's protective life vitality. With a powerful force, the arrow punctured her back.


A blood-red flame followed the arrow towards Elena's wound and penetrated her body!

It would burn away all the blood in Elena's body. Ultimately, it would even devour her soul.

Elena maintained her upright posture as she stood bravely. Her entire body was stiff and unmoved. From her appearance, there didn't seem to be any change. However, the blood-colored flame was furiously burning inside her body...


On her chest suddenly surged a ray of red light. The heart was the place where the blood was the most concentrated in the body of a martial artist. When the blood flame reached that particular part of the body, the fire grew even more intense. It directly burned through her chest. The blood flame started to bloom like a rose. It swayed around her chest and radiated a bright red light.

Additionally, red flames that burned furiously had also escaped out of Elena's arms, thighs, and even her back.

However, she still held onto the hammer in her hand and maintained the same strong posture as before. She urged the descent of the Profound Holy Thunder as if her body wasn't being burned. Concentration and determination were reflected in her eyes.

Leroy's eyes focused on Elena. A perplexed expression had appeared on his face.

The intense heat from the blood flame was supposed to evaporate all the blood in Elena's body. However, she didn't show any signs of pain or struggle. Leroy felt confused as he witnessed a scene that was beyond common sense!


The crimson flame continued to burn even brighter...

Not long after, all of Elena's clothes, skin, and hair were burnt entirely away. All that was left was a charred black skeleton that stood firmly on the spot. However, the skeleton still tightly grasped the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer in her hand!

The thunder vortex above Zen's head had yet to dissipate. Power still radiated from it.


Leroy's eyes widened while his face was filled with disbelief. "How could this be?! What the hell happened?"

After it heard Leroy's words, the charred skeleton even raised its skull and opened its jaws towards him. "Heh heh heh…" It gave out a spooky atmosphere. A strange sound echoed when the skeleton's jaws collided as if to mock Leroy...

It made Leroy's hair stand on end. He had no idea what was wrong. Cold sweat trickled down his spine.

It wasn't just him. Even Zen, Suprem

d as fuel, which made it attracted to anything that had Latonia's blood.

When her blood flowed out along the bloody vine, the blood flame was immediately drawn to it and began to burn furiously along the vine. Latonia intelligently guided the blood flame outside her body with the use of the blood-red vine.


When the blood flame reached the top half of the vine, Latonia gently tapped on it. The vine instantly broke and fell to the ground. A crispy sound could be heard as it disintegrated.

After the blood-red vine was burnt entirely away, the bloody flame was extinguished in an instant. Latonia remained unharmed despite Leroy's sacrifice…

There was a faint smile on her haughty expression. She nodded towards Leroy and let out a sly smile. The extremely lethal Blood-devouring Bone Arrow was ineffective against her.

A deep sense of powerlessness ran through Leroy's heart. Even after he sacrificed his own life, he wasn't able to do any damage to both of the queens.

The two arrows that he released made his body look old. The worst part was that his mind had also begun to degenerate...

If Supreme Lord Korbin wanted to kill him right then, Leroy wouldn't be able to resist at all. Fragile bones and weak muscles had rendered him helpless.

His years of resistance had seemed like a joke. The failures of his sacrifices had left him without any nobility.

However, Supreme Lord Korbin did not attack. Elena's attention was also no longer focused on Leroy. In their eyes, after Leroy shot out these two arrows, he was like a toothless tiger that had lost its ability to harm them. He was just an old man, soon to be dead.

Elena felt that the condensation of the Profound Holy Thunder was almost done, so she smiled towards Zen, "Now it's time to send you on your way." Hatred was apparent in her tone.

Godly Geniuses all possessed heaven-defying fortune. It had been given explicitly to them by the universe itself. Therefore, Elena didn't relax her guard in the slightest. Vigilance was reflected in her eyes.

Since she had already seized the opportunity, she had to get rid of Zen. If he was out of her way, there wouldn't be any unnecessary troubles for her…

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