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   Chapter 2007 Profound Holy Thunder

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As Zen was smashed down, an enormous one-thousand-foot crater was formed in the ground. Supreme Lord Shadow, too, was pretty badly battered by the impact.

The Great Weighty Sword had been stabbed into the ground.

The huge square surrounding the Inauguration Altar was paved with a unique kind of solid green stone. In front of the Great Weighty Sword though, the green stone was softer than tofu. So much so that the Great Weighty Sword made no sound as it penetrated directly through the stone, sinking into the soil below.

The soil of the Rosy Cloud World was even less capable of withstanding the weight and power of the Great Weighty Sword, which kept sinking downward into the soil.

It wasn't long before the Great Weighty Sword pierced through the soft soil and drilled into the rock stratum.

If it were an ordinary weapon, it would have most likely gotten stuck in the rock stratum, but the Great Weighty Sword was just too heavy. These rocks couldn't support the sword and thus, it continued on its downward momentum.

Zen was lying in the pit, an expression of gloom sitting on his face.

In a battle against a Supreme Lord, strength truly couldn't play a decisive role. It was too easy to be restrained by all sorts of different methods.

As Zen lay motionless, the willow leaf stuck to his right hand began acting more and more strange. As it appeared, currently, it could actually completely absorb the power in his arm. No matter how Zen circulated the power within his body, it disappeared without a trace like an ox slipping into the mud sea.

For the time being, his greatest advantage was his power. Once his power had been sealed off though, how would he go about dealing with such a situation?

"Hey, kid, you've suffered a lot now …" Not far away, Supreme Lord Shadow slowly stood up. He stared at Zen and let out a cold chuckle. Only after seeing Zen get frustrated did he begin to feel a sense of satisfaction in his heart.

"The outcome is still uncertain!" Zen calmly replied.

And that was when Latonia sweetly smiled in midair. She opened her arms and waved once more. Under the concentration of pure green life energy, a few more willow leaves appeared. These willow leaves slipped out of her way and floated toward Zen!

'Again?' he thought to himself.

Zen's heart skipped a beat. He still had a chance to resist, even with one of his hands sealed off. If the willow leaves were to cover his entire body, then he would really be finished!

He suddenly flipped over from the ground and the Space Law began to flicker beneath his feet. However, just as Zen was about to use Grand Teleportation to leave this place, Supreme Lord Shadow, who was at his side, noticed what Zen was doing and he suddenly leaped in the opposite direction.

They were linked together by the Death Chain. As they pulled on each other, the ribbon of light surrounding the Death Chain suddenly stretched out straight!

Supreme Lord Shadow's strength was far inferior to Zen's. However, due to this unexpected pull, Zen was unable to use Grand Teleportation. Although a large half of his body had already disappeared into the blazing white light, he was now forcibly pulled back out!

Thump! Thump!

Thus, they both fell back down once again into the huge pit with loud thumps.

In the past, this Death Chain had caused Supreme Lord Shadow his fair shar

rtial artist burnt their blood essence, they could greatly increase their strength in a short period of time. Leroy had instead used his own blood essence to create these bone arrows over a long period of time. For this reason, their power was guaranteed to be even more terrifying!

Once the bone arrow hit its target, the blood flame on the arrowhead would enter the target's body and burn their blood like fuel!

But the Blood-devouring Bone Arrow was a part of Leroy's life. In other words, every time he shot an arrow, a third of his life was burned to ashes. If he shot three arrows… Without doubt, he would then perish!

On the one hand, the price was too high.

On the other hand, if Zen were to die right now, it would be impossible for him to escape. And in that sense, the price was worthwhile.


Elena's face revealed a sneer. Despite her expression, her face was so beautiful that anyone could fall absent-minded upon staring at her.

"Just having strong determination isn't enough. Are you sure this arrow can kill me?"

Surprisingly, her tone of voice displayed not the slightest intention of backing down.

"Let's find out!"

Leroy shouted back. The golden light in his eyes grew brighter and brighter. As soon as Elena made any unusual movement, he wouldn't hesitate to shoot her with his arrow.

But Elena didn't seem to care about the Blood-devouring Bone Arrow at all...

Instead, the expression on her face became more and more relaxed, and she gave a cold, scary smile. "I do want to give it a try!"

And as she finished speaking, Elena didn't even spare a glance at Leroy before she continued swinging the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer in her hand. The thunder vortex spun faster and faster, and the Profound Holy Thunder began brewing unceasingly, too.

When he noticed what was going on, Leroy let out a deep sigh. A resolute expression appeared on his face. He released the bowstring in his hand! Ultimately, he was left without any other choice.

The moment the arrow shot out, his originally gray hair turned silvery-white; his eye sockets sunk inward by at least an inch; the skin on his face became unusually sallow and wrinkled, and he slowly began to resemble more of a skeleton as he aged anew.

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