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   Chapter 2006 Zen Had Lost All His Strength

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Back when Zen was just an Internal Elixir Realm cultivator she remembered him speaking so arrogantly to her.

Even at that time, Elena had known that this youth enjoyed more than ordinary luck, but she had not dreamed that Zen would be able to reach such heights!

If the two Supreme Lords had not been able to block him, this brat would have broken into the Pools of Faith. That would have been an unimaginable disaster for Elena.

"And you… Zen…"

Elena slowly approached the Inauguration Altar, her eyes fixed on Zen. Her smile grew wider, and her intent to kill him also became increasingly apparent. "I deeply regret letting you live for so long, but now this will bring it to an end!"

As Zen was lying inside the hole, his eyes sparkled. Supreme Lord Shadow was lying beside him. Supreme Lord Shadow had the help from the Queen of Life, so it was almost impossible for Zen to kill him. Now Elena was here, and the Queen of Life was also watching him covetously…

At that moment, the spirit beast bag on Zen's back trembled slightly. He recalled that when he had returned from the fairy palace he had brought that Ancestral Dragon with him.

Right then, his eyes narrowed slightly as a bold idea began to take shape in his mind!

The situation was desperate, and he was unable to think of any other option.

As he considered this, Zen suddenly grabbed the band of light of the Death Chain and with all his might, pulled it fiercely towards him once again.

With the assistance from the Queen of Life, Supreme Lord Shadow's physical body had fully recovered.

However, he was still feeling dazed following the beating Zen had given him so he waited for Elena to make the first move before helping her to kill Zen.

What he didn't expect was for Zen to pull him over again…

Unable to resist the terrifying power that came from the other side of the chain, he could only silently curse as he was forced to fly towards Zen!


As Supreme Lord Shadow flew out, he crashed hard into the side of the Inauguration Altar!

At this point, Zen was using Supreme Lord Shadow as a meteor hammer. As he continued to wave his hand, everywhere that Supreme Lord Shadow's body swept through immediately turned into a total mess. Countless cracks began to appear in the cyan stone on the Inauguration Altar. The broken pieces of the stone started to drop like rain and to cover Zen who was below.

Hidden under the stone pieces, Zen's spirit beast bag moved slightly and suddenly something jumped out. At the same time, a strand of soul shot out from the spot between Zen's eyebrows and entered the crack behind the cyan stones!

As Elena saw the dust which billowed at the side of the Inauguration Altar, her lips twisted into a cruel smirk. "There is no way you can survive. Give up the useless struggle!"

As she finished speaking, she raised the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer in her hand…


A thick bolt of lightning shot out from the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer and struck the hole!

In an instant all the brok

h was because of the Pool of Faith.

Usually, when she extracted energy from the Pool of Faith, it would, at most, only cause a ripple to run across the surface of the pool. Sometimes, there wasn't even a ripple. However, now the water in the Pool of Faith was churning non-stop…

Zen's strength was strong enough to actually shake the Pool of Faith that had accumulated Faith Energy from numerous Demon Night members for countless years.

After Zen retreated a few steps, he too felt that the situation was quite tricky. The lightning that had been transmitted from the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer just now hadn't hurt Zen, but it had still numbed his entire body!

His strength was the only advantage he had when facing Elena. Therefore, after blocking her attack with his sword, he didn't pause. Forcing himself to suppress the numbness in his body, he slashed at Elena once again!

However, before he could strike out with his sword, a green willow leaf silently floated towards Zen.

The willow leaf had brushed against Zen's Great Weighty Sword, but it was as if that light leaf did not exist in this world as it directly pierced through the heavy sword and got onto Zen's wrist. There was no way at all to dodge it!

The moment the willow leaf stuck to him, Zen felt his right hand go numb. He had lost all his strength all of a sudden!

The Great Weighty Sword he held in his hand was extremely heavy. Even though the hilt was made of the Infinity Stone, it's weight was equivalent to that of half a great world. How could Zen continue to hold it?


The Great Weighty Sword slipped out of Zen's hand and smashed downwards!

Seeing this scene unfolding below her, Elena sneered. She stretched out her hand and sent the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer downwards once again!


The hammer struck Zen in the chest, causing him to plummet downwards along with the Great Weighty Sword. The unlucky Supreme Lord Shadow was also dragged down along with Zen as he was still connected to the Death Chain.

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