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   Chapter 2005 Face An Impasse

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Since it was the most important building of the Demon Night race, the Inauguration Altar naturally had many defenses.

It was very difficult to infiltrate it from the outside.

However, due to the pressure of that massive force, Zen and Supreme Lord Shadow found themselves falling directly onto the thick, stone floor of the altar.

The altar was built from solid, cyan stone cut three-hundred feet high and three-hundred feet wide. Its surface was intricately carved and gave it a tougher constitution.

It was impossible to pierce through the thick, cyan stone so Zen and Supreme Lord Shadow merely created two large holes and embedded themselves within.

While inside the hole, Zen turned and saw two women standing at the far end of the Inauguration Altar. One was in blue, the other in green.

These two were slender and had well-proportioned bodies. They looked extremely beautiful, but their temperaments were totally different. The one in blue had high cheekbones that gave her a fierce, domineering look.

The green one had a gentler face compared to her.

"Elena... Latonia..."

Zen murmured in distaste. He didn't think these two would get here so fast.

They had fought against him before. Elena almost got involved in the Desperate Melee activated by Zen back then. Fortunately for her, Supreme Lord Gunter was the one who bit the dust during that event.

As for Latonia... She had initially participated in the Illusion Battlefield as "Shania" and displayed the power of the tenth layer of Life Law, shocking the entire universe's Supreme Lords.

Zen hadn't treated her as an enemy back then, but the Celestial Position race thought differently. They were on guard against her from the start and quickly eliminated her from the ten Godly Geniuses. It was these two women, under the orders of the Soul-sealing Needles, that led the Demon Night race on this path.

If Zen managed to kill Supreme Lord Shadow, then he could join forces with Supreme Lord Leroy and completely reverse the situation. He'd be able to enter the Inauguration Altar to destroy the Pools of Faith.

Who would've guessed that these two women would appear at the worst possible moment? This was going to be extremely troublesome.

Supreme Lord Shadow and Supreme Lord Korbin were already hard enough to deal with; what was even worse was that these two queens of the Demon Night race also joined the battle.

If Zen was in a bad mood, Supreme Lord Leroy was practically fuming.

Luck didn't seem to be on their side. The intervention of the two Demon Ni

rse in the future, I will help you obtain some benefits!" Elena promised to both Supreme Lord Shadow and Supreme Lord Korbin. She felt very much in control of the current situation and couldn't help but feel somewhat proud of herself.

When they heard Supreme Lord Leroy issue the queen's order on behalf of Lavender, both Latonia and Elena immediately panicked.

Supreme Lord Leroy had been in hiding for so many years. With his return, the two queens had no doubt that he had a way to deal with them. If he destroyed their Pools of Faith, then their strengths would greatly weaken and fall into the level of an ordinary world lord.

So, they hurriedly rushed back as fast as possible.

They didn't expect two neutral Supreme Lords to actually come out and fight with both Zen and Supreme Lord Leroy as soon as they returned to the Rosy Cloud World.

This made the two queens very happy. However, they didn't expect that Supreme Lord Shadow would be as helpless as a sandbag in front of Zen.

Thus, they had to intervene.

"No need to thank me. I did it for myself," Supreme Lord Korbin replied.

Supreme Lord Leroy's eyes narrowed at the sight of Elena. His one hand was clutched tight around his bow and his fist was clenched around his three Blood-devouring Bone Arrows he had especially prepared or her.

At that moment, countless thoughts ran through Zen's mind. This situation seemed like a dead end with no solution in sight.

"I've let you live peacefully for many years, Leroy. I thought you'd be happy hiding in a corner to enjoy your old age. Why did you appear now?" Elena asked, walking towards him. Although her words were directed at Leroy, her brilliant eyes were fixated on Zen.

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