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   Chapter 2004 A Sneak Attack

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It was known that while Supreme Lord Shadow was only a low-rank Supreme Lord, he wasn't as ordinary as one thought.

Someone had once said that each Heavenly Destiny served a purpose, and there was no difference between top-rank and low-rank Heavenly Destinies. As long as one used their Heavenly Destiny wisely and to its maximum capability, then even a low-rank Supreme Lord could have a chance against a top-rank Supreme Lord.

Of course, the Heavenly Destiny wouldn't have much effect if not used appropriately.

Supreme Lord Shadow's Heavenly Destiny was called the Shadow Dance. His Heavenly Destiny enabled him to be invisible. However, Zen was able to see him because he had fused himself with the worlds' will. Therefore, Supreme Lord Shadow was left with no other option but to burn his blood essence to fight Zen.

What he didn't know was that it was exactly the move that Zen hoped he would do the most!

While Zen's current strength might not be the strongest in this entire universe, it was difficult to find someone who could match him in close combat.

If Supreme Lord Shadow fled, then Zen wouldn't be able to catch up to him. However, Supreme Lord Shadow had already decided to kill Zen, and now was Zen's chance.

A shadow suddenly flashed in front of Supreme Lord Shadow when he had just formed a small sword with his blood essence. He thought that Zen was like a man who wanted more food than he could finish. 'Does he really want to take me down? How ridiculous!' he thought. It was something he found intolerable. He laughed loudly and shouted, "Come at me!"

The little sword in his hand shook violently and looked like it was about to fly at any moment. At the same time, a white light glowed under his feet as he was about to teleport away.

A gust of wind blew as Zen, who was rapidly approaching, flicked his finger and a colorful ribbon of light shot out of it. A chain dangled at the end of the light beam.

"Death Chain!"

Zen had seldom used it since he had gotten it.

According to Saul's explanation, the Death Chain was like the light band of the fairy palace. Once two warriors were locked by the chain, it would be impossible for even a Supreme Lord to escape unless they killed the other party.

Despite its powerful capabilities, Zen never had the chance to use it ever since he had ascended to the Upper World.

Now, Zen wasn't slow either. It was rare that an opponent of the same level could escape from him. However, the situation was different when Zen's opponent was a Supreme Lord. Because as long as a Supreme Lord chose to run away, Zen's current speed wouldn't allow him to catch up to them.

Thus, the Death Chain could really be of great use right now.


The beam of light shot out from Zen's hand like a bullet, headed straight towards Supreme Lord Shadow.

The speed of the light beam was far too fast for anyone or anything to comprehend. Back when Zen was hidden away in the fairy palace, the Supreme Lords were still quite far from him, but that didn't stop the light band of the fairy pa

nted. His body spun like a top in the air as Zen effortlessly threw him around.

Then again, to be punched by Zen's fist was still better than being beheaded by his sword.

Therefore, when Zen pulled the light belt again and pulled back Supreme Lord Shadow, he repeated the same process.

The scene was like a mirror when the little sword faced Zen's Great Weighty Sword, while Zen's fist faced Supreme Lord Shadow's body.





After all the punches, Supreme Lord Shadow's elegant appearance had become more and more deformed.

It wasn't that Supreme Lord Shadow hadn't thought of counterattacking. Although he was skilled in assassination and close combat, how could he be a match for Zen? Zen's backhanded attack had crushed his counterattack, leaving the bones in one of his arms into dust.

Supreme Lord Shadow had resisted for a few more rounds, until he finally became nothing more than Zen's punching bag, when the latter beat him up repeatedly with his terrifying and fatal strength.

Zen had punched him about sixteen times, and the Death Chain still kept them bound. Although Supreme Lord Shadow was on his last breath, his life force was incredibly tenacious. Zen couldn't help but sigh inwardly. Killing a Supreme Lord wasn't an easy thing

On the other hand, Supreme Lord Shadow's little sword continued to clash against Zen's Great Weighty Sword. In the end, it broke apart and the blood essence splattered everywhere.

Now that the little sword had been eliminated, Zen's eyes flashed as he flipped the Great Weighty Sword. He dragged Supreme Lord Shadow back to his side, and decided to finish him off with a single slash.

At that point, Zen suddenly heard a loud crackling sound, similar to the roar of a thunder.

'A sneak attack!' he thought.

Before he could even use the words' will to check what it was, he felt an oppressive and tyrannical power beat him from behind. His hand immediately pulled the deformed Supreme Lord Shadow and they smashed down onto the Inauguration Altar.

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