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   Chapter 2003 Shadows Kill

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Supreme Lord Shadow had been defeated by a world lord twice now—this was something that had never happened before ever since ancient times!

It was understandable when he was defeated the first time as he didn't have an idea of Zen's strength at all. After all, there were always some world lords in the universes that possessed abilities that even a Supreme Lord couldn't match. Moreover, Zen was a Godly Genius and that was a big deal.

The second time he got defeated was because Supreme Lord Shadow had underestimated Zen's strength again.

Even though he had made the wrong judgment twice, Supreme Lord Shadow couldn't forgive himself. Now that he faced Zen, he viewed him as an opponent of the same level as himself…

Right after Supreme Lord Shadow finished his evaluation, Zen had suddenly disappeared to his surprise!


Soon after, he heard a whistling sound. Zen had actually used Grand Teleportation and appeared above him. Using the Great Weighty Sword in his hand he began slaying!

"Gods-intimidating Strike! Wind Kill!"

Zen had been preparing for this attack for a long time.

This Supreme Lord Shadow was an established Supreme Lord within the Demon Night. After being unsuccessful twice in a row, he had to do something in order to save some face.

It was indeed an honor for a normal world lord to get such a comment, but Zen had no interest in hearing it.

On the eastern side of the Evolutionary Universe, the Godly Genius Maha had made his move within the Sunflower Water World. The Supreme Lords from both the Sacred race and human race had already begun their arrangements. A decisive battle could erupt at any time, and Zen wouldn't stay here for too long!

He only wanted results; he wasn't interested in getting anyone's appreciation or praise.

Therefore, when he attacked suddenly, he used the most effective method!

Now, Zen's cultivation had reached a whole new level. Combined with the burst of chaotic energy, the Gods-intimidating Strike released a power that was at a whole new level!

A sword shadow spread out. It was like wind blades that contained the tenth layer of Wind Law were crushing down from all directions. These beams of sword radiance cut through the air, blocking all paths of Supreme Lord Shadow to retreat!

Zen couldn't have timed the attack any better!

The Supreme Lord Shadow was stunned!

In a battle of this level, success or failure was usually decided in the blink of an eye.

Supreme Lord Shadow was extremely quick to react and he was adept at escaping.

Faced with Zen's powerful sword attack, he abruptly lowered his body and transformed into two black shadows. The two black shadows instantly multiplied into four, and then into eight, sixteen, thirty-two, sixty-four…

Puff puff puff …

Although Zen's strike had destroyed some of the shadows, the number of the shadows below was increasing at a terrifying speed!

A thousand black shadows…

Two thousand black shadows…

Four thousand black sha

tuttered in disbelief.

The one hundred thousand black shadows had already dissipated, leaving behind only a hazy black shadow. It began to slowly transform into the true form of Supreme Lord Shadow. He stood one hundred feet away from Zen, gaping at him. The shock was painted all over his face.

This kid was still alive!

He never expected him to be able to survive his deadly Shadows Kill.

"You, you're not hurt…"

Supreme Lord Shadow's mind had become fuddled now. He found it hard to believe the phenomenon in front of him. Zen was completely unharmed from head to toe. He couldn't see any wounds on Zen's body…

The smile on Leroy's face grew wider. Even his shoulders began to shake as he chortled. "Hahahaha! This brat is a monster! He really is a monster!"

Supreme Lord Leroy was naturally happy to see that Zen was safe and sound, but Supreme Lord Korbin and Supreme Lord Shadow were feeling rather helpless.

Humans had a natural fear towards things that were beyond common sense, and even the Supreme Lords were no exception. Indeed, the Shadows Kill was not the strongest among all the methods utilized by Supreme Lords. After all, the power of these one hundred thousand black shadows could not concentrate only on one point.

Even if a Supreme Lord were to take it forcefully, they would likely to be on the point of dying. It was truly illogical for Zen to not only be able to survive this attack but also do it without suffering any injuries!

Even Supreme Lord Shadow wanted to retreat at this point!

However, he was still unwilling to accept defeat. If he lost to a kid like Zen, this would probably become an inner demon, which he would never be able to get rid of for the rest of his life. He would not accept this failure.

Keeping this in mind, he gritted his teeth and went all out! Folding his hands together, he spat out a mouthful of blood essence. As the ball of blood essence danced on his hands, it condensed into a thumb-sized sword of blood essence.

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