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   Chapter 2002 Rival A Supreme Lord

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Against the will of worlds, all concealment was useless.

This world was made up of complex materials: rocks, air, water, mountains, and an assortment of living creatures.

As for the will of worlds, it recorded everything that passed and stayed in the universe. Zen could instantly tell how many mountains and stones were in a supreme world, and where people were at all times.

However, the worlds' will also had its limitations.

When the will had just covered the entire great world, he wasn't able to detect any movement from the martial artists in the Upper World.

But now that it already covered all the supreme worlds of the Demon Night race, human warriors were the only remaining ones Zen could not detect.

Nonetheless, the will was still expanding. In the future, when it already spread throughout the whole universe, Zen would be god of omniscience. Nothing in the entire universe would be kept secret from him. He would have all the memories of the worlds' will, and the Sacred race would be the only ones he'd be unable to detect. They had, after all, come from the Murphy Universe, and the worlds' will was unable to enter their universe.

Supreme Lord Shadow was born into the Demon Night race, so he wasn't exempt from the worlds' will.

In fact, not only did Zen see Supreme Lord Shadow's current movements, Zen was also able to peek into the memories of his past. Most of these memories were so old, Supreme Lord Shadow probably didn't remember them anymore.

This was the first time Zen faced a Supreme Lord head on. And although he had a relaxed expression on his face, he was completely alert and aware of his surroundings.

Supreme Lord Shadow was constantly moving in the shadows.

The boy in front of him was much more troublesome than he had expected. Feeling unsatisfied with Supreme Lord Korbin's decision, Supreme Lord Shadow grudgingly thought how it would be more satisfying facing Leroy instead.

But even though it was tricky, it wasn't like he couldn't do anything about Zen.

In his eyes, Zen was just a shriveled up hedgehog. He hadn't found a flaw yet but the moment he did, it would mean the end for this kid.

Supreme Lord Shadow moved faster and faster in the shadows.

d cracks began to form on their bodies. Blood flowed from the cracks before they collapsed into pieces.


With a grunt, Supreme Lord Shadow flew towards the Inauguration Altar.

He felt sad and wronged. Zen was being unreasonable. What right did he have to make a Supreme Lord vomit blood twice?

He was beginning to doubt both his strength and Supreme Lord Korbin's judgement. 'Should we really be involved in this?'

If he allowed Zen to grow, the guy would probably go against the heavens in only a few years. And by then, it wouldn't be impossible for him to help the human race get rid of the Sacred race.

However, people at their level rarely regretted anything. Once they made up their minds, it was impossible to stop them. Besides, he and Supreme Lord Korbin had already formed enmity with Zen. They couldn't turn back now.


Supreme Lord Shadow activated the Grand Teleportation and once again appeared before Zen. "It seems like I shouldn't have treated you as a junior," he said. "I shouldn't have regarded you as a world lord as well. In fact, you have the strength to rival a Supreme Lord!"

His evaluation was extremely high.

Some outstanding world lords and grand world lords had the strength to fight each other, but the disparity between a grand world lord and a Supreme Lord was simply too great. After all, the Heavenly Destiny carried by a Supreme Lord was something that a grand world lord would never be able to contend with.

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