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   Chapter 2000 Surprise Attack

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The Supreme Lords had held high positions for too long a time for them to relinquish control of a situation. They always liked to take control.

As the most powerful figures in the universe, they didn't like being manipulated by their own destinies.

Before Zen had declared war, only the ogre race and the human race had taken any action against their enemies. The Supreme Lords who were living in seclusion and the Supreme Lords of other small races merely stood by and watched, unwilling to meddle in the battle.

But after Zen's appeal, some of the smaller races showed signs of taking action.

On the other hand, Supreme Lord Shadow and Supreme Lord Korbin of the Demon Night did not support the collective decision of the Demon Night, nor were they willing to join in the rebellion against the Demon Night.

They were in two minds, trying to measure the impact the current situation would have on themselves.

When they found out that getting rid of Zen would benefit them, their decisions were easy to make.

"You deal with Zen. I'll kill Leroy," Supreme Lord Korbin said flatly.

Supreme Lord Shadow raised an eyebrow at Supreme Lord Korbin. "You seem quite confident. Leroy is severely injured but his power must not be underestimated."

These two Supreme Lords didn't think Zen was as strong and remarkable as the world thought him to be. They also thought that Supreme Lord Leroy was very old and had been seriously injured before, so he could not be as powerful as he used to be.

"Don't talk nonsense. Let's get to work!"

Saying thus, Supreme Lord Korbin turned into a cyan flame and began to burn.

Supreme Lord Shadow turned into a black shadow and disappeared.

At the Inauguration Altar, the three bands of light continued to roll and condense before Zen and Supreme Lord Leroy.

Their attack made it harder and harder to condense the Faith Energy.

The speed at which the Faith Energy was condensed also slowed down considerably.

Three cracks sounded out and the bands of light formed from the Faith Energy finally broke apart and all of the Faith Energy returned to the Inauguration Altar. They had successfully passed through the Faith Trial.

The millions of pilgrims beneath the Inauguration Altar wore looks of despair.

The pilgrims would not allow anyone to enter the Inauguration Altar. It would be a disgrace to their queens. But they weren't strong enough and other than using the Faith Trial, there was no other way for them to stop Zen and Supreme Lord Leroy.

But Supreme Lord Leroy didn't slaughter any of the pilgrims. In a battle at this level, he had no intention of involving any ordinary martial artists.

"We passed just like that? It's very easy then," Zen said with a smile.

Supreme Lord Leroy shook his head. "We just got lucky today. Come with me. Let's go to the Inauguration Altar."


nderstand Zen's true strength.

Supreme Lord Leroy was a Supreme Lord after all, and he knew that one's knowledge was proportional to their strength. But a world lord caused a Supreme Lord to spit out blood with a casual strike? He had never heard of this sort of thing!

Even Supreme Lord Korbin was dumbfounded.

Supreme Lord Korbin believed that he was slightly stronger than Supreme Lord Shadow, which was why he had let Supreme Lord Shadow deal with Zen while he fought Supreme Lord Leroy.

Since Supreme Lord Shadow was very powerful, it would be easy for him to defeat Zen.

But the scene before him confused Supreme Lord Korbin. A hint of doubt arose within him. Was Supreme Lord Shadow just pretending to do that? Even if he was just putting on a show, he needed Zen's cooperation. But Zen looked so pleased and arrogant that it was obvious he was suppressing Supreme Lord Shadow.

The number of the Demon Night members gathering around the Inauguration Altar increased. Aside from the weaker pilgrims, the world lords of the Board of Elders in the sacred places had also gathered. These elders were all anxious as they saw the two Supreme Lords take action against Supreme Lord Leroy.

The members of the Board of Elders were mostly on Supreme Lord Leroy's side. They had been suppressed by Elena for so many years and had hated her from the bottom of their hearts. But the members of the Demon Night did not want the warriors of their race to kill each other, which was why the elders had come there to mediate in the dispute.

But before they had the chance to speak, they saw something that shocked them to no end.

"That young man is definitely Zen! He has even made Supreme Lord Shadow spit out blood with just one punch! How did he do that?" An elder asked, his eyes wide with surprise and confusion.

"You're asking me? I have no idea either!" The other elder was stunned as well.

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