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   Chapter 1999 Plot To Kill Zen

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Zen's strength always surpassed Leroy's expectations and imagination. It was always a wonder to watch Zen display his skills.

Once the Faith Trial was activated, the Faith Bodies formed by the Faith Energy were extremely difficult to deal with.

The reason was that they had a portion of the Demon Night queens' memories. To be specific, a portion of the strength of the martial arts they had cultivated before. Hence, it was not an exaggeration to say that their strength could be compared to that of grand world lords. After all, the overall strength of grand world lords was unimaginable.

The Faith Body was only another way to utilize the Faith Energy. In a certain aspect, these Faith Bodies were indeed comparable to grand world lords.


After Zen slayed down the thirteenth Queen of Killings, another Queen of Killings rushed forward in a lightning speed. The spear was burning with fire, harboring a vicious killing intent. The tip of the spear was pointed between Zen's eyebrows.

Zen quickly jumped up and snatched the spear in a blink of an eye. He twisted his body couple of times which confused the queen. He took advantage of the queen's brief moment of hesitation and grabbed her neck. A sickening sound was heard as he ruthlessly twisted her neck.


The Queen of Killings instantly went limp and her form turned into streams of Faith Energy that flowed towards the Inauguration Altar.

As Zen kept destroying the Faith Bodies of Demon Night's queens like crushing dry weeds, Supreme Lord Leroy also acted fast alongside him.

Although Leroy gave an impression of a skinny old man, he was exceptionally agile at this moment. He swiftly moved back and forth, with one hand holding onto the bow and the other plucking the string at such a rapid speed, that it looked like he was playing a musical instrument.

A Scorching Sun Arrow would shoot out at each pull of the string. The moment the arrow pierced through a Faith Body, it would explode and the body would collapse instantly.

The two of them hovered in the sky and one by one the Faith Bodies were slayed down. Leroy focused on killing Queens of Punishment and Queens of Life, while Zen concentrated on the Queens of Killings.


A new Faith Body of a Queen of Killings came into existence. The crimson body turned and pointed a spear towards Zen. The spear's tip produced an invisible force that pierced through the air.

But Zen did not dodge this time, allowing this force to collide with his body. An explosive sound could be heard, but his body was completely unharmed. Zen rushed towards the Queen of Killings to crush the Faith Body.

However, as he got closer, he could not believe his eyes!

Through the maze of red light, Zen realized that the queen facing him was none other than Lavender!

This Inauguration Altar had memories, and when every queen came to the throne, they would be accurately recorded

might be able to grab a place in this universe and even enter the Murphy Universe!

As he heard this, Supreme Lord Shadow pointed a finger at Zen below. With a malicious glint in his eyes, he said, "In that case, then let's join forces and kill that kid down there!"

"Kill Zen?" Supreme Lord Korbin raised his eyebrow.

By now, the entire universe knew the value of Godly Geniuses and Zen was ranked first among them. If he continued to develop like this, he might be the key to turn the situation around.

Although it was only a casual conversation between the two Demon Night Supreme Lords, their attitudes seemed critical.

On the other hand, Leroy realized that it would not be so easy to break down the Pools of Faith after he got Zen here. There were not just the two queens in the Demon Night, but also Supreme Lords. He had taken the advantage of issuing Lavender's order to reach the purpose of splitting the Demon Night race.

His plan seemed to be working, as Supreme Lord Leia could no longer endure it and chose to leave Elena.

But, Leroy's plan was also an extremely risky move. Rushing into the Inauguration Altar, Leroy had been confident that the other Supreme Lords would not interfere.

However, the Supreme Lords who had chosen to take a neutral stance had their own judgment. Although they didn't support any queen, they would still take the interest of the Demon Night into consideration.

When Supreme Lord Shadow brought up the idea of killing Zen, Supreme Lord Korbin began to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

"Will the Sacred race win if we kill this kid?" Supreme Lord Korbin asked.

Supreme Lord Shadow shook his head slightly. "Maybe or maybe not, but judging from the reactions of the Celestial Position and the Sacred race, this kid is very important to them."

Supreme Lord Korbin looked down. "So then.. Kill him?"

Saying this, he looked Zen in a way as if he had already sentenced him to death.

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