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   Chapter 1998 Faith Trial

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Within the Demon Night, this Inauguration Altar was known as the holy place of pilgrimage.

Although many of the Demon Night warriors' strength wasn't considered powerful, because they worshiped their queens so highly, many of them would come here from various supreme worlds in order to cultivate. These Demon Night members would worship their queens every day though, and some even gave up on their cultivation.

These members were called pilgrims.

For even the strongest of powerful pilgrims, it usually took them years to travel a long distance to reach here from other supreme worlds. With time though, most of them could manage to make it. However, for the weak pilgrims, they'd probably spend their entire life on the road. Even before their lifespan ran out, it would still be difficult for them to reach the Rosy Cloud World, let alone personally see the Inauguration Altar!

The Inauguration Altar was incomparably huge. And around the Inauguration Altar was an even greater platform - millions of feet in diameter. On this platform were many warriors of the Demon Night. Much like the followers of the secret sect in the Thoughtless Minds, the warriors were prostrating on the ground and in their hearts, they knew that the queens were the supreme existences as well as the True Gods that had protected them.

Although most of the sacred places of the Rosy Cloud World were in complete chaos, the great platform surrounding the Inauguration Altar remained solemn and quiet. No one dared to make a ruckus here.

"It's Leroy! Supreme Lord Leroy has come to the Inauguration Altar!"

Someone from the crowd was shouting.

Supreme Lord Leroy had led the group of Demon Night warriors to this location. With thousands of warriors following him, he had of course attracted the attention of quite a few people.

Although Leroy hadn't made an appearance for many years now, most of the people present still recognized him.

The loud shouting immediately broke the silence. Countless members of the Demon Night widened their eyes and looked toward the sky.

Supreme Lord Leroy had been the one to issue the queen's order, and his name had spread far and wide among the Demon Night in a short period of time.

A few warriors completely viewed him as the only savior of the Demon Night race, the only one capable of saving them from this dire situation. However, at the same time, there were also certain members who viewed him as a traitor, as someone who had broken the rules that the Demon Night race had set and followed for countless years!

In the dense crowd, a minimum of ten people watched Leroy closely, like a group of hawks. The group nodded at each other, their faces turned vicious!

One of them infused his life vitality into his voice, and suddenly shouted towards the sky, "Traitor! The Queen of Killings of our Demon Night has long perished. Since you have falsely passed on the queen's order, you will be punished with death!"

These pilgrims were totally blinded by their beliefs. They had even given up on cultivation. Now, they only wanted to contribute their faith. Without the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, these blind martial artists could easily be manipulated!

The debate in the past few days had been limited to the various sacred places and hadn't yet affected the Inauguration Alta. Perhaps these pilgrims had heard rumors about the queen's or

al, was put into effect.

The massive Inauguration Altar was a tower in a triple diamond shape. Where these three diamonds connected were the stairs to walk up to the Inauguration Altar. As the Faith Trial was activated, three bands of pure colorful light began to emit from the tower!

The three bands of light were distinctively red, blue, and green. These were the colors of the three Demon Night queens' Faith Energy.

The three bands of light floated in the air and began to condense. In no time, the beams began to transform into human figures, one after the next.

Seeing the human figures that were slowly condensing in the sky, Leroy retreated a few steps. "These Faith Energies have condensed into the Faith Bodies of the Demon Night queens throughout the ages. You have to be careful!"

"How strong are they?" Zen asked, as he stared at the bright beams of light that continuously swerved and swiveled, changing shapes completely.

"They are on par with the grand world lords," Leroy replied flatly.

"They may be at the level of grand world lords, but you're a Supreme Lord," Zen snickered. "What's there to worry about?"

Leroy stared at Zen. "I'm reminding you to be careful! That's all."

Just as he finished speaking, a red figure had now been formed entirely. This red figure was the Demon Night race's thirteenth Queen of Killings. Although the Faith Body was still blurry, it was possible for one to see her beautiful features despite the blood-red mist!


The Queen of Killings raised her spear and rushed immediately toward Leroy.

Before Leroy could even think of counterattacking, Zen was already a step ahead. At the same time as his figure flashed like a gust of wind, he waved his hand toward the thirteenth Queen of Killings, and a terrifying power instantly exploded from his fingertips. Even the ball of Faith Energy that formed the figure couldn't take this much power: it instantly dispersed. As soon as Zen had killed the Faith Body, he turned his head and smiled at Supreme Lord Leroy. As it turned out, it had been completely unnecessary for Leroy to have reminded Zen to be careful, to say the least.

Just for a split-second, Leroy was stunned, but he eventually mumbled, "This kid isn't so bad after all..."

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