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   Chapter 1997 The Inauguration Altar

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Supreme Lord Leroy stood in the hall of the Purple Cloud Sacred Place, his posture rigid and upright. His stormy gaze scanned the warriors before him, demanding their attention.

"Our first step would be to isolate the two queens of the Demon Night race," he murmured with conviction.

"And what should we do following that?" Zen asked in response.

"Think about it. What do the queens of Demon Night rely on?" Supreme Lord Leroy shot him the question.

Zen thought for a moment. "The Pools of Faith."

Lavender, Elena, and Latonia, each had the cultivation base of a world lord. Without the Faith Energy, their strength could contest a grand world lord's. However, by dint of the Faith Energy, they possessed the great power to take the life of the Supreme Lord.

Back then, Elena could defeat Lavender because the latter's Pool of Faith had been sealed off, rendering it unusable. For that reason alone, there had existed a huge chasm between Lavender's strength and Elena's. In the end, Elena had made quick work of the other competent queen.

Supreme Lord Leroy nodded, a satisfied smile hanging on his lips. "Yes, if you wish to kill Elena and Latonia, you have to demolish their Pools of Faith. That would be the subsequent step."

These decisive words fell on the ears of the listeners and they were struck dumb. Everyone stared wide-eyed at the Supreme Lord, shocked beyond measure.

The three thousand Demon Night martial artists in the hall, who had followed along with the group, held similar expressions of disbelief on their faces.

Demolish the Pools of Faith... It sounded like an outrageous game changer.

The Pools of Faith were the very foundation of the Demon Night race.

The queens of the race got replaced as generations came by and went; but as the years rolled on, the three Pools of Faith remained intact—still unchanged and imposing as ever.

As long as the pools existed within the race, it was akin to having three additional Supreme Lords. It was what made Demon Night sui generis. In the entire wide world, no other race had access to such unique resources at hand.

"Supreme Lord Leroy, we cannot do so!"

"We can let two queens perish, but we absolutely refuse to see the Pools of Faith destroyed.

They are the very basis of Demon Night! We cannot exist without them!"

Following the lead of the grand world lord, Abby, the members of the Demon Night race raised their voices in unison in an attempt to persuade Supreme Lord Leroy to turn his verdict.

Loraine, Saint Lord of the Purple Cloud Sacred Place, was left aghast as well. A frown marred her features as she contemplated the future of the race. She judged Supreme Lord Leroy's decision to be absolutely preposterous.

All that she had witnessed today had been rather too strange for her liking. A number of formidable Demon Night warriors had mysteriously shown up, with even a Supreme Lord among them! Now, this Supreme Lord was aiming to destroy the Pools of Faith within the race. She was not sure if she was hallucinating or if the world itself had turned upside down.

However, Supreme Lord Leroy was resolute, notwithstanding the loud murmurs of protest. His remote gaze swept over everyone as he added, "From now on, we don't require three


The Rosy Cloud World and the Purple Snow World were on completely different levels.

The Rosy Cloud World was the core supreme world of the Demon Night. The coronation ceremony for the queen of the race was held here from time immemorial. Furthermore, this was where the Demon Night race had originated.

The Rosy Cloud World alone consisted of nine tenth-grade sacred places, as well as a large number of those below the tenth grade. The number of Demon Night members that resided here was several times greater than that in the other supreme worlds.

It was also rife with lush greenery. Flora flourished in abundance within the sacred places, enfolding the supreme world in its splendor.

After the queen's decree was issued, it had caused a great commotion in the sacred places.

The core area of the Rosy Cloud World was naturally no exception to it.

At present, these sacred places were in chaos and struggling to maintain any semblance of balance.

A large majority of the Demon Night members chose to support Supreme Lord Leroy and Lavender, but there were some in the Rosy Cloud World who were still faithfully on Elena's side. Although Elena had been reckless and foolhardy, the Demon Night followed rigid rules and believed that it was imperative that each of the three queens perform their roles and duties strictly, no matter the cost.

Now, Supreme Lord Leroy had declared Elena and Latonia to be traitors, which they felt was wholly unreasonable.

The Rosy Cloud World had been in conflict over the matter. The Inauguration Altar saw more and more members of the Demon Night falling to their knees in ardent prayer, beseeching the Gods to help their race overcome this disaster.

Supreme Lord Leroy led Zen and the others as they flew past the sacred places. In normal circumstances, guards from sacred places could be found patrolling the area. However, no one paid attention to the company today. Perhaps the guards noticed but ignored them.

In the last few days, the faith in the race had collapsed to a staggering degree.

As soon as Supreme Lord Leroy flew down to the Inauguration Altar, a few members of the race recognized him.

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