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   Chapter 1996 Flee (Part Two)

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This crazy chaos continued for a long time.

At the end of the Bloody Plain were stationed the ogre martial artists.

Facing the invasion of the Demon Night race, the ogres were under great pressure. Although they had tried their best to kill the Demon Night soldiers, the two queens and the Supreme Lords were much stronger than they were.

If the Demon Night race captured the Bloody Evil World, the ogres would have no way of retreating. They would probably have to abandon their territory and seek refuge with the Celestial Position race.

For this reason, the ogres had placed a large number of troops in the Bloody Evil World, in their best attempt at stopping the Demon Night race from marching forward in the Bloody Plain.

The army led by Elena was already quite powerful, though. With the reinforcements from another army of her race, the Bloody Evil World probably wouldn't be able to hold them off for very long.

Now, the ogre leaders were gathered together, discussing their battle strategy.

"We need to inflict heavy casualties on the Demon Night army before the reinforcements from the Queen of Life arrive. Only then will we have the chance to thoroughly defend ourselves against them," a golden-haired ogre grand world lord mentioned.

Supreme Lord Mathias didn't say a word. To the ogres, this was very risky. And as Supreme Lords, they couldn't afford to die here because they were the decisive force of their race.

If they didn't take any risks though, their chances of survival would be extremely small. If this whole situation continued to drag on, they would most likely lose the battle.

Supreme Lord Mathias had no other choice but to ultimately make a difficult decision. Just as he gave his first order to att

y worshiped her, but now, even they didn't dare approach her palace.

Elena, on her behalf, was still standing alone on top of the Purple Feather Tree. Her azure eyes stared into the distance, her face filled with desolation. Her long skirt fluttered in the gentle breeze, causing her to feel an unprecedented chill.

After a while, she jumped down from the tree and landed on the ground like a bolt of lightning. She glanced at her trusted follower and the killing intent on her face became even stronger. "Tell Shania that we're going back home."

"My queen, if we go back now..." one of her subordinates was trying to speak up.


A Thunder Law, thicker than anyone had ever seen, lashed downward like a dragon's tooth, hitting the speaker. She instantly turned to charcoal, still standing motionlessly like a burnt log.

As the other subordinates watched the scene unfold before them, their eyes began to twitch and bulge fiercely, but no one dared to move an inch, for fear that their queen would get even angrier.

Elena's expression didn't change in the slightest, though. All she wanted to do now was vent her anger on Leroy like he deserved!

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