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   Chapter 1995 Flee (Part One)

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Neither Supreme Lord Leroy nor Zen had expected the queen's order to have such an effect over every member of the Demon Night race.

Over the years, Lavender had long disappeared, and Latonia had been reincarnated into Shania, who was obsessed with the study of laws.

After Elena had controlled the Demon Night race, she went against her clansmen's will and discriminated against those who held different views. The Board of Elders couldn't endure her behavior any longer, but as the Queen of Punishment, she had her own methods of ruling with a heavy hand by suppressing her people's anger and dissatisfaction.

Despite that though, those strong negative emotions never disappeared. Rather, they were accumulated bit by bit, somewhat like a silent volcano, preparing itself for eruption. The pressure building within the race became greater and greater.

After the Sacred race started to invade the Evolutionary Universe, Elena had brazenly announced that they would join hands with the Sacred race. At that point, the entire Demon Night race had already reached the limit of their endurance.

They considered themselves part of the universe. If this had happened in the past, they would have probably chosen to fight against other races in order to strive for the territory and resources. After all, it was for the sake of their own race. As the Sacred race invaded, all the races rose together in an attempt to expel them, but Elena wanted her race to take their side.

The Demon Night members had reached the end of their forbearance. Most of them thought their queen had gone mad.

Even so, they still chose to follow their queens' orders. No one took the lead in raising any objections. The Supreme Lords chose to remain silent too, and the Board of Elders didn't utter a single sound. No

ade-in-arms lying dead on the plain, an intense emotion immediately displayed itself on their faces. Dozens of aggrieved gazes were focused on the commander, too.

"She is loyal to Elena," someone said.

"She's the culprit! Let's kill her to avenge our comrade-in-arms!" another soldier agreed.

"Rip her apart!"

The soldiers might not have the courage to face Elena, but they didn't fear their commander. At least, far less.

The long whip wielder's facial expression had also changed drastically within a split second. The soldiers who wanted to run away just moments before had turned into raging devils in the blink of an eye. She could sense their anger pulsating toward her.

After nervously retreating a few steps backward, the commander turned around with the full intention of escaping the furious mob.

Unfortunately for her, it was too late. The angry soldiers instantly rushed forward, tearing her to shreds in seconds.

The other commanders could do nothing but stand to the side and watch the scene. Their faces had all turned dreadfully pale with fright. They didn't dare to stop the fleeing soldiers anymore.

And as a result, more and more soldiers fled, of course.

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