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   Chapter 1994 Unable To Refute

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If one wanted their voice heard by the entire Demon Night race, a Roaring Token might be used. This was especially useful for announcements like the queen's decree.

However, the queen's decree was usually issued during a special ceremony. The Demon Night had to do that via the queen's statue as a sign of respect for the queen.

At that moment, all the members of the Demon Night in the Upper World, the Lower World, and sacred places were all taken by surprise. They did not expect what they heard next...

"It's Leroy! Has Leroy really returned?"

"Why is he the one issuing the queen's decree on behalf of the Queen of Killings?"

"What is he trying to do?"

Everyone couldn't help but discuss this development among themselves...

The Board of Elders paid especially close attention to this matter. They had to know the current situation, so they could avert any crisis if needed. When they heard the words "queen's order", they quickly realized that another big change was about to happen among the Demon Night!

"On behalf of the Queen of Killings, I declare that the Queen of Life, Latonia, and the Queen of Punishment, Elena, are traitors! They have been brainwashed by the alien race to betray the entire Evolutionary Universe and lead the Demon Night towards annihilation!"

Supreme Lord Leroy's voice reverberated throughout all the sacred places of the Demon Night. There was no one that could not have heard his pronouncement.

Understandably, all the Demon Night members were shocked. This had never happened before.

As they heard Supreme Lord Leroy's declaration, they couldn't believe their ears. They never thought that the queen's decree would be so harsh.

"The Demon Night should know where we stand in the current situation of the universe. The best thing we could do now is to follow the Queen of Killings and retreat from the war. We need to regroup our forces, regain our strength, and try our best to make our race stronger..." Supreme Lord Leroy delivered the message to the multitudes of Demon Night race that were listening.

The three queens were equals in the hierarchy of power, so the Queen of Killings was not qualified to pronounce the crimes of the other two queens. This kind of queen's decree was null and void.

However, Supreme Lord Leroy was sure that the Demon Night members had reached the limit of their patience for Latonia's and Elena's impulsive antics.

The members of the Demon Night were very loyal and faithful to the queens, but even their loyalty and tolerance were not limitless.

Before this, Lavender had never taken any action against the other two even though she disapproved of their actions. By forcefully starting a war, Latonia and Elena had already betrayed the trust of the members of their race... The Demon Night members naturally supported and followed their queens unquestioningly. They had no other choice but to obey their queens when Elena and Latonia took action together.

Now that the Queen of Killings had stood up against the other two, it gave them another cause to support. They no longer had to force themselves to go along with the decisions of Latonia and Elena.

If they didn't want to betray their race, the members of the Demon Night race had an easy choice: all they had to do was to follow the Queen of Killings...

Loraine, the Saint L

had been trapped in Zen's Desperate Melee and had eventually perished.

"Elena, just give up," Supreme Lord Leia said flatly.

Elena suddenly turned around and stared at Supreme Lord Leia. Her heart was filled with rage. "You also want to betray the Demon Night race?"

Supreme Lord Leia gazed at her and replied, "I will not betray the Demon Night race."

"Then why do you advise me to give up?" Elena asked angrily.

"Because I won't be supporting you anymore," Supreme Lord Leia replied.

In fact, when the Demon Night attacked the ogres, the Supreme Lords of the Demon Night had also strongly opposed. Unfortunately, the two queens had already made up their minds. Even the Supreme Lords had no choice, but this didn't mean that they agreed to it.

"You want to help that bitch?" Elena asked again.

Supreme Lord Leia answered, "Just as Leroy has said, I have the right to decide for myself."

She did not betray the Demon Night; she just chose to support the other queen...

Elena glared at Supreme Lord Leia, the thunderbolts in her eyes crazily sparking. The Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer in her hand suddenly shook, and a thick bolt of lightning shot towards Supreme Lord Leia like a giant python!


Supreme Lord Leia nodded slightly and a silver mirror appeared in front of her.

When the thick bolt of lightning struck the mirror, it rebounded to the sky and disappeared without a trace...

This mirror was the Heavenly Destiny that Supreme Lord Leia carried, known as "Absolute Reflection". Under the protection of the Law of Causality, Supreme Lord Leia could let almost anything be reflected back!

"I won't attack you for now." Supreme Lord Leia looked at Elena, her calm eyes already faintly emitting an intent to kill. "However, I will destroy you next time we face each other."

After Supreme Lord Leia finished speaking, her figure slowly disappeared from where she stood, leaving behind a stunned Elena.

On the Bloody Plain, the soldiers of the Demon Night started to lose focus. They all poured out of the Purple Feather Trees, and the army that was never afraid of death began to disintegrate.

They weren't running for their lives; they had just chosen their new leader.

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