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   Chapter 1993 A Cold-blooded Woman (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6100

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However, Elena didn't have the slightest bit of mercy or care for her own people. She had slaughtered her way through the ogres' supreme world, but at the cost of countless lives of Demon Night warriors. The lives of her own people were sacrificed to pave the way for her desires.

Elena's actions made the Demon Night warriors feel a chill in their spines. They were confused as to what the purpose of her actions was.

"Get out of my sight already!" When she saw that the three generals were still on their knees, Elena's face flashed with a trace of viciousness. Her eyes were filled with disgust as she looked at the three warriors still in front of her.

However, the three generals remained unmoved. Their faces were filled with despair as they stared at Elena. Sorrowful eyes revealed their hopelessness.

"How dare you disobey me! What the hell do you want?" A cold smile suddenly appeared on Elena's face. An invisible pressure spread out, which caused the surrounding space to faintly crackle with lightning bolts.

The harsh methods of the Queen of Punishment were well-known, but the three generals were already committed. They planned to stake their lives for the good of their people.

After they witnessed their companions get killed one by one and suffered from such an unexpected disaster, the generals were heartbroken. That was worse than their own deaths. To persuade their queen, they would rather accept Elena's punishment.

"My queen! Please consider our pleas! I hope that we can temporarily retreat! It is for the good of our people," a general continued to beg.


One after another, electric snakes appeared on the general's body. The snakes wrung around almost uncontrollably. Being devoured by the lighting, the general suddenly rolled away in pain. After just a few seconds, th

Demon Night race had betrayed them, they would still not be dissatisfied with their queens. The queens of the Demon Night race were supposed to be absolute.

However, at that moment, the general reprimanded the Queen of Punishment right in front of her face. That was something that had never happened before in the Demon Night race.

"How dare you! Imbecile!"


Lightning flashed in Elena's eyes. The general was struck by lightning and immediately tumbled down the tree. Smoke appeared from the general's body as a burnt smell filled the air.

Only one general was left in front of Elena.

"Are you going to reprimand me too? Who do you think you are?" Elena stared at her and asked in a scary tone.

The general was about to speak when something happened.

At that moment, a vicious, murderous intent was suddenly emitted from the Purple Feather Trees.

Like the palaces of the Demon Night race, there were queens' statues in every Purple Feather Tree. At this moment, the statue of the Queen of Killings emitted an intense red light. It was followed by an old and familiar voice.

"I am Supreme Lord Leroy, a representative of the Queen of Killings. I am here to issue a queen's order!"

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