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   Chapter 1992 A Cold-blooded Woman (Part One)

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In the Bloody Evil World

The Bloody Plain of the Bloody Evil World was known as a land cursed by gods. If one were to dig up some of the soil, they would find that red blood flowed within. The entire plain was barren all year round. Not a single crop could be seen.

However, the Demon Night race had arrived at the place. Ever since then, thick purple trees had sprung up from the Bloody Plain.

The leaves of the purple trees were as sharp as knives. The trees looked similar to natural fortresses as they were wrapped entirely by the razor-sharp leaves.

The trees were called Purple Feather Trees, and only the Demon Night race had such trees. It would only take a few days to grow a palm-sized seed to a tree that towered to four hundred to five hundred feet tall.

The sharpness of the leaves on the treetops could be compared to a sacred weapon. They could easily hurt anyone that would be stupid enough to touch one.

The trees were impervious to water and fire. Regardless of whether one buried the seed in solid rocks or in bitter seawater, it always developed, spread its roots and thrived.

Therefore, the Purple Feather Trees were the mobile palaces the Demon Night race used whenever they were in a war. The trees that could be grown in such a short time would instantly be used to construct their headquarters.

The Demon Night race had settled down on the Bloody Plain during their fight with the ogres. In less than half a month, the Bloody Plain was already filled with Purple Feather Trees. These impenetrable fortresses were established in such a short time because of the trees.


Dozens of bright silver dots of light suddenly appeared in the sky above the Bloody Evil World. Their radiance almost blinded anyone that saw them.

These dots of light were like the individual suns, that illuminated the dark Bloody Evil World as if i

y. Their actions began to be very smart. This was something that the Demon Night race had never expected.

The ogres had set up a powerful barrier in the Bloody Evil World. The warriors of the Demon Night race were forced to build their headquarters in the Bloody Plain. Nonetheless, the Demon Night race became living targets for the ogres.

The bombardments from the ogres were ineffective against Supreme Lords. However, the other warriors of the Demon Night race had suffered terrible losses against the ogres' attacks.

Elena stood at the end of the branch. Her long skirt fell down from the tree trunk several dozen feet away. A finger-thick branch supported her whole body as if she was weightless.

When she heard the persuasion of the three generals, her face remained expressionless. "I understand. You can leave now!" she said in an indifferent tone.

"My queen!"

"My queen!"

Despair flashed across the faces of the three generals. Their voices reflected their negative sentiment.

As members of the Demon Night race, they were absolutely loyal to their queen.

Even if Elena had suddenly led them to become the enemies of the whole universe and sided with the Sacred race, they didn't hesitate and did as they were told.

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