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   Chapter 1991 A Queen's Order

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This team consisted of over three thousand warriors and had close to a thousand world lords.

Most were at the Spirit Transformation Realm. Amber was actually the one with the lowest cultivation amongst everyone present. There were also two grand world lords.

Of course, the one with the highest cultivation was Supreme Lord Leroy who served as their leader.

The Purple Cloud Sacred Place couldn't hide their shock when they saw them approach.

Even in the entire Demon Night race, a group of over a thousand world lords was definitely not a small power.

Every world lord had the qualifications to become a Saint Lord of a tenth-grade sacred place. The Purple Cloud Sacred Place was nothing in the eyes of these people, so their unease was understandable.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Not long after, the three thousand warriors slowly descended upon the Purple Cloud Sacred Place.

Seeing such a strong force arrive in front of their doorstep, Loraine, the sacred place's Saint Lord bowed. "I am Loraine, the Saint Lord of the Purple Cloud Sacred Place. We humbly welcome you!"

The elders behind her also came forward to pay their respects.

"These people's auras are so strong!"

"They're all world lords after all."

"What is that old man's cultivation level? The one in the lead? He seems to be their leader. Could he also be a grand world lord?"

The Demon Night warriors gossiped amongst themselves in lowered voices, but did that really help given how sensitive the eyes and ears of these warriors were? These people could hear an insect's chirp from tens of miles away. Loraine blushed in embarrassment when she heard her warriors' conversation. She quickly turned her head and shushed them. "Silence!"

Everyone quickly shut up under the Saint Lord's order. Now, the only sound that could be heard was the fluttering descent of snowflakes upon the ground.

Loraine looked back at Supreme Lord Leroy with a look of utter bewilderment.

All the Demon Night members were very familiar with their three queens. Whether it be by appearance or aura, all were very familiar with those three supreme rulers whom they had worshipped since their childhood.

However, it was different for Supreme Lords. Most Demon Night members only heard about their names, but had no idea what their faces looked like.

Moreover, the disparity between a Supreme Lord and a grand world lord wasn't in terms of cultivation but of Heavenly Destiny.

Furthermore, Supreme Lord Leroy had hidden himself for so many years. It was only normal for Loraine to not recognize him.

Meanwhile, most of t

ver they needed to do, be it a small action against the Demon Night race or a decisive battle against the Sacred race, all would be a step closer towards the end.

What he needed to do was face them head-on without any sort of hesitation.

'Cause a huge commotion? What is Supreme Lord Leroy going to do?' Loraine wondered nervously.

Supreme Lord Leroy reached out and placed his hand on the forehead of Lavender's statue.


The statue began to emit a faint, demonic red light as if it had suddenly come to life.

At the same time, all the statues of the Queen of Killings in all of the Demon Night race's sacred places, whether it be in the Upper or Lower world, began to tremble.

These statues were made of various materials: rock, gold, crystal, wood, bronze... Yet at that moment, all of them released a demonic red light.

In addition to the statues in the sacred places, there were also two squads, led by Latonia and Elena, that carried statues with them since it was a must to pray in front of them every day. These two also emitted the red light.

"It's all on you now," Supreme Lord Leroy said.

Zen nodded and took two steps towards the statue.

He once again brought out Lavender's soul and quickly fused it with the statue. This caused Lavender's statue to emit even more light!

Zen took two steps back. Now, it was Supreme Lord Leroy's turn.

At that moment, the Supreme Lord was Lavender's representative and could issue orders in her stead.

Lavender's soul activated the statue but she was unable to announce any sort of order. Zen, being human, did not necessarily qualify to be her representative. Only Supreme Lord Leroy held enough qualifications and authority to issue an order.

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