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   Chapter 1990 Our Queen Is Our Glory

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Seeing the determination in Supreme Lord Leroy's eyes, Zen finally understood—this Supreme Lord was in hiding, but not because he was afraid of Elena or the Supreme Lords behind her.

His Heavenly Destiny was bestowed upon him by Lavender, and the only reason he resided in the depths of the earth was to wait until he could help her take revenge.

"I, Supreme Lord Leroy, was born of the Demon Night race. Never have I thought of betraying my own." Supreme Lord Leroy stared at Zen as he spoke with determination. "But if anyone tries to lead my people astray, I will be the first to object!"

He then tapped the bow in his hand and the three Blood-devouring Bone Arrows started trembling. After a series of trembles, they rose from the ground and flew towards Supreme Lord Leroy.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The arrows pierced and entered his body, but they didn't seem to leave any wound.

Then, Supreme Lord Leroy stepped onto the stairs as a fierce aura emanated from his body.

The Supreme Lord had been silent for countless years, but in less than two hours since Zen's arrival, he had undergone a fundamental change. Leroy was like an aged arrow, silent and unmoving, but this was not a sign of his loss of power. So long as there was a sliver of a chance, he would forsake his own life for his ideals.

Once more, Supreme Lord Leroy appeared before the Demon Night warriors. The corners of his eyes were wrinkled and his pupils seemed to be burning. Although he appeared old, one could tell that he was handsome in his youth.

"Zen saved you from the Prison Island," he said. "As a Supreme Lord of the Demon Night race, I am not responsible for the punishment. But now that the Queen of Punishment has led our own race down the wrong path, it's unfair. No matter what crimes you have committed in the past, from now on, I will let bygones be bygones! I forgive you all for your crimes!"

The people of the Demon Night race respected orders. Even after they escaped from the Prison Island, they were still guilty since Elena had condemned them.

So Leroy had to follow through with the procedure. As a Supreme Lord, he had the qualifications to pardon them.

"Now that the two queens left our race in a mess, I need to put our people on the right track. Before you follow me, you should know that I cannot guarantee your safety or your survival," Supreme Lord Leroy warned them sternly.

To that, Abby immediately responded, "I will die for our queen!"

"I will go for our queen!" The cheers continued.

"I will go!"

"I will go!"

"I will go!"

The people on the Prison Island had suffered for a long time, only dreaming of freedom. For the chance to follow a Supreme Lord to accomplish such a goal, they wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice their lives.


e to appear in an eighth-grade sacred place, they would be selected before coming of age and leave the sacred place.

Because of this, not many people within the Purple Cloud Sacred Place had ever seen a world lord in their lives.

"There seems to be more than one world lord," Loraine grew more alert and vigilant at the thought.

Although they were all from the Demon Night race, who knew what kind of people they were? It was entirely possible for them to turn out to be enemies.

"How many?" the elder asked again.

"Eight, no, nine... Hold on!" The red light in Loraine's eyes flickered crazily as her voice grew louder, her expression growing more and more shocked. "So many world lords? I think there are even two grand world lords among them!"

Beneath Loraine, the elders were left dumbfounded.

The Demon Night warriors stared blankly at the black dots in the sky that seemed to be growing larger and larger. At the rate they were going, it didn't take long before they would enter the Purple Cloud Sacred Place.

"What should we do?" asked an elder anxiously.

Withdrawing her gaze, Loraine closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them again, the red light in them had already dissipated. Her expression seemed to calm down when she jumped down from the treetops.

"What else can we do? No matter who they are, if they want to enter our Purple Cloud Sacred Place, we will welcome them respectfully!" Loraine said calmly.

Faced with a team led by two grand world lords, the Purple Cloud Sacred Place had no other choice but to wait.

"You're right." The elders all gathered behind Loraine and arranged themselves orderly. Regardless of which power they were from or what their goal was, the Purple Cloud Sacred Palace did not have the qualifications to join their mission. There was no need for them to be too nervous.

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