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   Chapter 1989 The Blood-devouring Bone Arrows

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Supreme Lord Leroy gave Zen a meaningful look.

Earlier in the year when the young man appeared in the universe with Lavender, the Supreme Lord closely kept tabs on them.

He had been hiding in the depths of this place for many years and had never seen the geniuses born in the world of chaos.

This was his first time meeting Zen and the young man made quite a shocking first impression. Zen used his sword to cut off Supreme Lord Leroy's Scorching Sun Arrows, breaking through his Fixed Vision Theurgy which was a technique he had obtained from his Heavenly Destiny.

The Law of Causality contained within that theurgy came from the heavens. How did Zen manage to break it?

He did it with such effortless finesse that it was terrifying.

Supreme Lord Leroy burned with curiosity. Unfortunately for him, Zen refused to give him any answers as to how he managed to do it. Behind Zen were multiple Demon Night members. "I didn't expect the Demon Night race to reach this stage. It seems like our race is going to perish," Supreme Lord Leroy remarked indifferently.

Ever since the battle between Elena and Lavender, the entire Demon Night race fell into crippling, internal strife. It didn't help that the two remaining queens of the race went ahead and allied themselves with the Sacred race which was definitely far from what Supreme Lord Leroy wanted.

Abby, one of the Demon Night race's grand world lords, stepped forward and bowed in front of the Supreme Lord. "Supreme Lord Leroy, now that the Demon Night race is under that woman's control, we are now in great trouble. I hope to the heavens that you can help the Saint Spear Sect."

Sammy and Fannie had unnatural expressions on their faces when they heard what Abby said.

Not all of the people present were from the Saint Spear Sect. Only about half belonged there.

Sammy and Fannie weren't part of the Saint Spear Sect, but still chose to follow Zen here. On the one hand, they did not approve of Elena's actions. On the other hand, all the prisoners they were supposed to be guarding on the Prison Island had escaped which they no doubt would answer for in the future.

They were still from the Saint Chain Sect. Ever since their youth, they had always believed in the Queen of Punishment. Hearing Abby talk badly about her made them quite uncomfortable. Regardless of their discomfort though, they believed that she was right.

"I know," Supreme Lord Leroy affirmed. He might have been hidden deep underground all these years, but pieces of news that we


"Of course I'm willing to do it. This is what I've been waiting for!" he answered with gusto. "Come with me!"

It seemed that the old Supreme Lord was now bursting with energy.

He suddenly stood up and lifted the stone bed beneath him!


The heavy stone bed smashed into the ground revealing a set of stairs that descended down. There seemed to be a hidden cave underneath!

The moment the cave was opened, the heavy stench of blood permeated the air.

Supreme Lord Leroy was the first to walk down, followed closely by Zen.

Despite their curiosity, the Demon Night members dared not follow.

As the two descended, Zen discovered a small cave. In the middle was a crevice where three bloody arrows stuck out of.

The moment he saw those arrows, Zen suddenly felt his soul stir. It was as if those arrows were coming for him and just one strike would be enough to kill him.

Supreme Lord Leroy noticed his gaze and beamed proudly, "These three arrows were made from my own ribs. They're called the Blood-devouring Bone Arrows!"

His words puzzled Zen greatly. "It feels as if these arrows are living things."

Zen didn't know how, but he felt the breath of life from these three arrows.

Supreme Lord Leroy smiled even wider. "These three Blood-devouring Bone Arrows are connected to my life force. Every time I shoot one, my life will decline by a third. Once all three arrows are shot, my life is over."

Zen's expression quickly changed when he heard this.

Three arrows forged with the life of a Supreme Lord?

Just how powerful could they be?

"I've been forging these three arrows ever since I went into hiding. Finally, this day has come."

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