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   Chapter 1988 Shattering The Scorching Sun Arrows

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As Zen pulled Abby back, there was a fresh bloody wound on her forehead and her face was deathly pale.

If it wasn't for Zen pulling her, her head would've already been separated from her body.

The Demon Night members present looked at each other in absolute dismay. The person hiding inside had to be Supreme Lord Leroy. Supreme Lord Leroy, on the other hand, was very vigilant, and therefore, they couldn't even get close to him.

"What should we do?" Abby wiped the wound on her forehead before tying a ribbon to it, in order to stop the bleeding.

Minutes before, she had made the effort to identify herself, but Supreme Lord Leroy had still attacked her. Would he allow anyone to get close?

"Let me deal with him," Zen said flatly.

"But it's too dangerous."

Abby thought that her cultivation level was higher than Zen's, and so was her strength. If even she was almost killed by the Scorching Sun Arrow, then there was no way Zen would survive. He would certainly place himself in great danger if he chose to fight.

Zen smiled noncommittally and headed toward the corner.

The Demon Night members in the rear all opened their eyes wide as they watched Zen, greatly worried about him. They had chosen to follow Zen and had ultimately found Supreme Lord Leroy, but Zen didn't deserve to be killed by him. Not right now, at least.

Only Amber's gaze remained as calm as usual. She was confident in Zen, because she knew what kind of person he was. He would never act rashly. If he had decided to make a move, then he must know what he was doing.

Zen slowly approached the corner. The moment he neared it, his footsteps suddenly quickened and his speed increased explosively.

His physical strength now reached a point where it was much more powerful than before. Moreover, he was also wearing the Redemption Armor made from the source of the Godly Tile. It wouldn't be too difficult for him to block the Scorching Sun Arrow.


Accompanied by a giant gust of wind, a golden light flashed across Zen's eyes.

The speed of the arrow was simply too fast. Even Zen couldn't react in time. Through instinct, he protected his head, which was the only thing he managed to do.

After all, his entire body was wrapped in the Redemption Armor, and only his head was exposed. He didn't want his head to be hit by the Scorching Sun Arrow!


While Zen held both arms up in order to protect his head, a heavy blow suddenly came for his body. It was as if a sludge hammer had struck him, and his entire body heavily crashed into the side of the cave.

The arrow was aimed straight at his chest!

Luckily though, just as Holy Drew had said, the Redemption Armor couldn't be destroyed as it was forged with the source of the Godly Tile.

The terrifying power contained within the arrow only sent Zen flying a few hundred feet away.

With a roll, Zen stoo

eared very old, his eyes were very clear, and he had a set of determined eagle eyes.

"Since you know who I am, why did you..." Zen trailed off.

Supreme Lord Leroy smiled and placed his longbow to the side. Zen also placed his Great Weighty Sword back into its scabbard. After all, the heavy weight of the weapon in his hand was a burden to him.

"I'm very curious. How did you shatter my arrows?" Supreme Lord Leroy asked, as he looked at Zen questioningly.

Ever since he bore the Heavenly Destiny, no one had been able to avoid his arrows, at least not as far as his eyes could reach. Because of the Law of Causality, when he looked directly at his opponents, it became impossible for them to dodge his attack. Of course, this reality was one of the reasons why the Law of Causality was so frightening. Nothing could happen without a cause.

Although the Scorching Sun Arrow wasn't Supreme Lord Leroy's strongest archery skill, the Law of Causality couldn't be violated. Therefore, he was surprised to see Zen smash his arrows to pieces.

Hearing the conversation between Zen and Supreme Lord Leroy, the Demon Night members hiding in the far corner began creeping out of the shadows.

Supreme Lord Leroy's gaze was focused on Zen. "Can you tell me how you managed that, please?"

Zen cupped his hands. "I'm afraid I can't because there are a few secrets involved."

In fact, Zen hadn't broken the Law of Causality contained within the Fixed Vision Theurgy. He used another method to shatter Supreme Lord Leroy's Scorching Sun Arrows, and that was nothing other than the worlds' will and memories.

Zen knew everything. Before Supreme Lord Leroy had even raised his hand, Zen had already known when he would shoot his arrow and what the target would be.

With this kind of magical foresight, he could swing his sword ahead of time and shatter Supreme Lord Leroy's Scorching Sun Arrows as they came for him.

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