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   Chapter 1987 Scorching Sun Arrow

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The Purple Snow World was located on the westernmost side of the Demon Night's territory. Here, there weren't any important mineral resources, and the vitality between heaven and earth wasn't very rich either. Overall, it couldn't be considered a strategic location.

Thus, within this supreme world, there wasn't even a tenth grade sacred place. There were only a few small sacred places of the Demon Night that had gathered in the Purple Snow World.

The only special characteristic of this world was its beautiful scenery. All year round, a light, fluffy, purple kind of snowflake floated here, covering the mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas. The entire place was coated with an illusory hue.

The Demon Night members remained stunned for a long while before they came back to their senses. One of the leading grand world lords asked Zen, "Is our Demon Night's Supreme Lord Leroy in the Purple Snow World?"

Back then, when the battle between the two queens ended, Supreme Lord Leroy had also been heavily injured, but he had escaped.

The Demon Night had also tried to find Supreme Lord Leroy, but this universe was simply too vast. If a Supreme Lord wanted to hide, there were plenty of ways to do so.

No one would have expected that Supreme Lord Leroy hadn't gotten out of the Demon Night's territory. Instead, he had been hiding in a large border supreme world.

As long as it was a supreme world occupied by the will of worlds, no secrets could get by Zen. He had discovered Supreme Lord Leroy's location after searching idly through the memories of worlds' will.

Zen simply nodded and said, "Everyone, follow me."

He couldn't guarantee that every Demon Night member that followed him was absolutely honest, but even if he revealed Supreme Lord Leroy's location now, it didn't matter much.

The universe's situation had already progressed to its final step. Whether it was the battle between the human race and the Demon Night, the human race and the Sacred race, the different races and the Sacred race, all of them were waiting for a showdown.

The Godly Genius of the Sacred race, Maha, had issued a challenge to fight within the Sunflower Water World in order to push everything toward a showdown as soon as possible.

Zen equally felt that it couldn't wait any longer. Before the showdown though, he had to get the Demon Night back on his side!

In the midst of the purple snow, Zen's body resembled a leaf, swiftly floating downward.

Meanwhile, Amber and the other members of the Demon Night followed closely behind.

Below the crowd was a huge mountain range. These snowy mountains were covered in purple, making them look like a sleeping dragon that stretched endlessly.

Once Zen had slowly sunk into the depths of the mountains, he immediately dipped into a valley created by two steep triangles.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

On both sides of the valley, a few gigantic, purple fierce bears could be heard roaring at the crowd in the sky. Their roars reverberated throughout the valley, giving off an extremely terrifying sound.


suddenly shot toward him!


The golden stream of light was only as thick as his little finger and it slid past Zen's nose, just missing him by a hair. With such an outrageous speed, the stream of light seemed to have completely disregarded the laws of space!

Zen hadn't realized what it was just yet.

"It's the Scorching Sun Arrow!"

Demon Night martial artists' excited voice sounded from behind him.

"Supreme Lord Leroy is really and truly here!"

Supreme Lord Leroy's full name was Leroy Meng. The Demon Night race was the most proficient in archery of all in the universe. Before Leroy carried the Heavenly Destiny, he was also the most powerful archer in the Demon Night race!

Scorching Sun Arrow was one of Leroy's unique techniques!

"Supreme Lord Leroy! My name is Abby!"

a grand world lord of Demon Night impatiently shouted. Her voice echoed in the depths of the cave, loud and clear.

Most of the Demon Night members present were from the Saint Spear Sect, and Leroy was originally the world lord of this same sect. Later on, with the help of Lavender, Leroy carried a Heavenly Destiny and became a Supreme Lord. Among these Demon Night members, it was only expected that there were people who were very familiar with Leroy.

This grand world lord, the one who went by the name of Abby, was related to Supreme Lord Leroy by blood.

As her voice echoed through the cave, she waited, but there was no response that came back from the depths.

Abby's anxiety seemed to be climbing somewhat and an overwhelming feeling to rush into the cave washed over her. As she passed by Zen though, he extended his hand and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her back abruptly.


Another golden ray of light flashed past the two of them this time. The arrow had come so close to Abby's bangs that it left a burning gash on her forehead.

Although it was only a minor wound, it was still extremely dangerous. Had it gone just an inch deeper, her entire upper skull would have been lifted right off by this arrow!

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