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   Chapter 1986 The Collapse Of Belief

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No secrets could be kept from Zen in the areas covered by the will of the worlds.

It was therefore quite simple for Zen to find Supreme Lord Leroy's location of hiding.

This time, Zen's objective was very clear: to kill the two other queens of the Demon Night at the lowest of costs. After making the Demon Night abandon their attack, he would focus all his attention on fighting against the Sacred race.

Zen though, was an outsider after all, and there still hadn't been any reaction from Lavender's soul. All he could do now was place his hopes in the Demon Night's Supreme Lord Leroy.

The Demon Night members that were present had faces that were still brimming with confusion.

Supreme Lord Leroy had disappeared for many years. Ten years ago, it was unknown whether or not he was still alive at that time. Years had already passed since Supreme Lord Leroy had spoken through the Roaring Token, which proved that he hadn't died at the time. Zen had now suddenly told them that he could bring them to see Supreme Lord Leroy. For the Demon Night members, the latter was still very hard to believe.

On another note, it was undeniable that this human youth before them had Lavender's soul attached to him. This Zen guy probably knew more than what they had ever known. Hence, they couldn't help but feel a strong sense of anticipation.

Zen didn't say another word. He lightly flicked the Teleportation Token in his hand and a streak of blazing light appeared in front of him.

"Everyone, please follow me," said Zen, as he stepped into the vortex of light and disappeared right before their eyes.

The beam of blazing light continued to spin in front of everyone, like a gate leading to another strange world. Despite the magical sight, a trace of hesitation still pulsed through the group. Should they really follow a warrior from another race? After all, to a certain extent, following Zen was tantamount to betraying the Demon Night. To the loyal Demon Night members, this was even more painful than being tortured by the Punishment of Eternal Night.

Amber suddenly acted instinctively, without any hesitation at all. She walked toward the beam of light, her bare feet leading the way. Beneath the blazing white light, her snow-white face looked extremely beautiful. It was as if she was suddenly bathing in a pool of holy light. She spoke loudly, "I'm a Demon Night warrior that ascended from the Lower World!"

When the Demon Night members heard her speak, a confused expression appeared on their faces.

There were over three thousand Demon Night members that had been saved by Zen, and among them were over a thousand world lords as well as two grand world lords. These Demon Night warriors were practically all from noble families and great clans of the Demon Night race, and because they had offended Elena, they were imprisoned on the Prison Island.

In comparison, Amber came off as a misfit to them. She was only a Soul Sea Realm warrior and it seemed as though she had literally just stepped into the Soul Sea Realm not too long ago.

Now that they heard Amber confirm that she had ascended from the Lower World, a revelat

as acting on Lavender's behalf in order to become the bellwether of the Demon Night.

When Murphy had originally created this race, he would have never expected something of the sort. He couldn't grasp the idea that a queen would be capable of escaping his control. Moreover, he hadn't thought that this queen would sacrifice tens of thousands of years, her great willpower and all of her memories in order to erase the Soul-sealing Needle!

Everyone followed behind Zen, as they all traveled through the space.

This space had almost marked the entire Upper World of the universe. It was like a huge map and it was impossible not to feel like a tiny speck of nothingness.

They were all very curious though. This emotion far outweighed the rest. They weren't aware of what this space was.

Soon, Zen selected a supreme world and opened a beam of blazing spinning light, right at the top of it. He was the first to enter!

One by one, the Demon Night members followed Zen into the blazing light. Upon seeing the world in front of them, their eyes were filled with disbelief. They finally understood that the space they had passed through had connected all the supreme worlds in the universe! Zen could travel through the universe at will!

"This... Is this the Purple Snow World?"

"Is it really possible that we just passed through over nine hundred supreme worlds?!"

"How did he even do it!?"

In this universe, only a few people knew of the magic of Teleportation Token. Nathan, Lucille, and a few of the others were all very surprised when they had traveled through the Teleportation Token, for example. They were Godly Geniuses after all, and they were used to seeing all kinds of magical weapons.

But the group of Demon Night members that had followed Zen here were different. Their eyes were filled with disbelief instead, especially the grand world lords.

Instantly crossing thousands of supreme worlds was only something that a Supreme Lord could achieve. Not just that, but even a Supreme Lord wouldn't be able to lead thousands of people in crossing such a long distance!

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