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   Chapter 1985 Tearing The Cloud

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When a force of the human race reached its peak, it would form either a divine kingdom or a sacred place.

The other races in the universe were about the same and approximately on the same level, but the Demon Night was rather special. Strictly speaking, the Demon Night was similar to the secret sect in the Thoughtless Minds.

However, the secret sects in the Thoughtless Minds were only present for absorbing Faith Energy, and never developed to the point of being capable of ruling over a force. The larger and smaller secret sects were still there, serving the four great clans.

As for the Demon Night though, they were under complete control of the three queens.

Of course, the cause of this kind of social structure was in Murphy. His goal was to use his Soul-sealing Needle to have the three queens lead the Demon Night to rebellion.

Yes, the Demon Night was absolutely loyal to their queens. However, they, as intelligent creatures, disagreed from the depths of their bones with their queens' actions.

Lavender, however, still hadn't returned to her throne. The Demon Night members couldn't disobey the orders given by the other two queens, and therefore had to brace themselves and follow them instead.

Even though Fannie and Sammy belonged to the Saint Chain Sect, their hearts became agitated when they heard Zen speak.

If they had a different queen, the Demon Night would probably thrive.

At that very moment, both of them were sharing this same thought.

Whether it was rational or emotional, they were willing to side with both the human race and Zen.

And yet, they equally couldn't betray their queens!

The Demon Night's traitors were also known as "the queens' abandoned children", and would be regarded as the greatest disgrace to their clan. It was safe to say that a good majority of the Demon Night members would rather bear the most painful punishment than betray their queens! From the moment they were born, the pride of being a follower to their queens had already been engraved in their hearts.

Thus, when this idea came to Fannie and Sammy, they felt frightened by their own thoughts. Coming from them, this kind of thinking was simply outrageous!

Once the idea had been born though, it became impossible to restrain. The idea grew uncontrollable and went berserk.

"We... We won't, we can't betray our queens," Fannie stated and shook her head stubbornly.

"Not now, but who knows what will happen in the future," said Zen in a flat tone, looking up at the sky.

In the air above the sea, his eyes had settled on a massive black cloud. This cloud had gathered on the Prison Island, forming a storm of its own. A Rain of Pain was falling…

All of a sudden, Zen rose up from the ground in a brisk motion, his hands violently spiraling.

The nine stars in his body slowly rotated and an invisible force began circling between his two hands.

The power of the attack suddenly struck out, distorting the surrounding space!


Zen clenched his fist and quickly punched it toward the sky.


A muffled sound came from above.

heir sliver of hope. If Zen were to return with Lavender and even helped her return to her throne, then they would someday be free from oppression.

"If our queen's soul still exists, why can't she show herself?" asked one of the world lords.

It was true that in the past, Lavender could show herself in the form of the sword spirit.

This time though, she was nothing more than a soul fragment attached to Zen's body. She had even lost her memories. But then, how was it possible for Zen to make her show up?

"There's something wrong with her soul..." Zen couldn't explain it thoroughly. If Lavender hadn't erased the Soul-sealing Needle, she'd have ended up being just like Elena, who chose to be the entire universe's enemy at all costs. However, erasing the Soul-sealing Needle caused her to lose all her memories.

Zen continued, "If you're willing to follow me, I will take you to meet someone, an important man!"

"Who is he?"

"Is he a member of our Demon Night?"

The people of the Demon Night pressed on with their questions, anxiously.

Zen nodded his head and replied, "A Supreme Lord of your Demon Night, Leroy."

The three queens were the true leaders of the Demon Night, but Supreme Lord in the Demon Night wasn't anything to be scoffed at either. As a member of the Demon Night, Supreme Lord Leroy had both a high status and great charisma.

In order to avoid Elena's encirclement, Supreme Lord Leroy went into hiding. He thus remained in hiding for many, many years, never revealing himself until now.

The crux of the issue was that Supreme Lord Leroy also belonged to the Saint Spear Sect. Most of the people present were members of the Saint Spear Sect, so they were naturally eager to see Leroy in person.

"Where is he?" someone asked again.

"I want to see him!" another warrior cried.

Everyone expressed their utmost desire to see Supreme Lord Leroy.

Finding this Supreme Lord was already a part of Zen's plan. He nodded to the crowd and said, "Everyone, follow me and I will lead you directly to Supreme Lord Leroy!"

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