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   Chapter 1984 The Rain Of Pain

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"Drip, drip, drip..."

The repetitive pit-a-pat of the black raindrops on the ground filled the area.

The Prison Island was located in a black sea, whose seawater was extremely corrosive. No living beings could survive in it.

The seawater rose and evaporated until the water coagulated in the air and gathered above the Prison Island. Those water drops turned into the very raindrops that splattered on the ground.

The Demon Night called such type of corrosive rain as the Rain of Pain. The seventh-generation Queen of Punishment had invented a new kind of artistic punishment upon her discovery of the place and the rain, which was second only to the Punishment of Eternal Night.

"Buzz, Buzz."

Two light chirping sounds were heard in the air before Fannie and Sammy, who both stood behind Zen, condensed a protective life vitality. The raindrops that fell on their protective life vitality hissed with sizzling sounds. It turned out that the Rain of Pain was corroding their protective life vitality.

Even though they were world lords, they didn't dare make contact with the Rain of Pain. If such a level of corrosive rain could melt gold and pierce iron, it was also able to fully touch a martial artist's pain. Needless to say, the pain was immensely incomparable.

Meanwhile, Zen was showered with the raindrops but didn't react at all.

The water drops slid along his skin and did not corrode his body. The raindrops even seemed to be like ordinary water on him.

When the two world lords of the Demon Night race saw the scene, confusion dawned on their faces.

Just what was Zen's physical body made of?

The two world lords guarded the island. They even needed to protect their first-rank divine weapons from the Rain of Pain as well.

Yet, Zen didn't seem to be affected as he completely ignored the Rain of Pain!


A raindrop fell on Amber's body.

Amber, who was originally suspended above the ground, suddenly trembled and groaned in pain.

At the same time, numerous pained howls reverberated off the confines of the Prison Island.

Prolonged exposure to agony could numb a person's sense of pain. Such was a martial artist's form of self-protection.

On one hand, the huge pillars on the Prison Island actually contained the strong Life Law. Those pillars were made by the seventh generation Queen of Life and were actually trees of divine weapon level. Those trees were also prone to damage from the Rain of Pain, but they could use the Life Law to restore their own bodies and also the warriors who were tied to the pillars.

The only difference was that the trees which were used to make the pillars were resistant to pain, while the martial artists who were tied to them suffered from it.


Black water droplets splashed against Amber's body. A few black holes scarr

severe punishments.

All the elites of the Demon Night race were currently out for the battle. In any case, Elena didn't have the time and energy to manage the Prison Island for the time being.

After Zen had saved Amber, he turned around to face the two world lords of the Demon Night and asked, "Do you know why I didn't kill you?"

In turn, the two world lords cautiously glanced at each other.

They had seen the extent of Zen's power. They clearly knew that it was indeed impossible for them to even compare to him!

"Because I consider the Demon Night members as my friends," Zen surprisingly said with a smile.

If the two Demon Night world lords had been surprised by Zen's expression just moments ago, they were now completely flabbergasted.

"Although the Demon Night betrayed the entire universe, the ones who betrayed the universe aren't you, but your queens." Zen's voice gradually turned cold as he spoke, "The Demon Night doesn't only have two queens, and there is a third one..."

Just then, traces of blood-red light glowed in Zen's eyes together with a malicious aura. He suddenly seemed to inherit Lavender's aura as he continued, "I will represent the Queen of Killings and eliminate the two other queens!"

Amber, who was still wrapped in the blanket, looked at Zen's broad back. Her face immediately lit up when she heard Zen's words, followed by a gratified smile.

As for the two world lords, they took a deep breath.

In the past, any member of the Demon Night would undoubtedly punish any reckless person who dared to make such rude remarks to protect their queens' honor. They were even willing to sacrifice their own lives. Besides, those two world lords behind Zen belonged to the Saint Chain Sect, which supported the Queen of Punishment.

However, what Elena had done made the Demon Night a notorious race for betraying the entire universe.

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